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I’m a LoRa beginner, and I have a simple test environment to collect temperature and humidity.
The gateway was built on Raspberry with the iC880A module. The devices are built with Arduino and Dragino shield
The gateway receives my messages, and initially, the data are passed to the application. After some time, maybe one day, the application stop working. I see the data from the gateway but they are not moved to the application.
If I delete the devices and I create them again the application goes working again. I do not understand why.

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You’re probably using ABP instead of OTAA. See ABP node stopped working -> Fixed by creating new ABP.. Why? :)

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Thank Arjan, I’ve checked and frame count is the problem. Resetting it when the node restart I solve my problem.
For now, I disable the frame count check, next I’ll move to OTAA.

Thanks again.


Hi All,

I have a similar problem. I’m developing a new LoRaWAN datalogger that measures temperature and relative humidity. I’m using a Laird gateway. The node correctly joins the network in OTAA mode and I see packets passing through the gateway and reaching the network server. Indeed the packet counter on Device “Overview” tab increases. Unfortunately the packets are not passed to the application because I don’t see any new data on “Application data” tab. It worked all the night but today is not working any more. I also disabled the “frame counter checks” in “Settings” tab because during development I often reset the node.

Does anyone know a possible reason for this behaviour?

The Device EUI is 34 31 37 32 70 36 88 0F

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As I said, I’m a beginner.
Anyway, I think that your problem isn’t like mine.
With OTAA, the connection parameters (the keys) are negotiated ad every node start, so the counter is automatically initialized every time.


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OTAA will only move the problem, not solve it. With OTAA, you have to be sure that you don’t re-use a join nonce that you’ve used in the past, otherwise the join attempt will be silently ignored by the network.

There’s actually no way to make a specification compliant LoRaWAN node without a permanent memory of what it has done in the past.