No data in the application logs - Not sure if the join is working


I have a end device and a gateway. End device sends the data and gateway console can see the data but nothing in the applications logs. Not sure if I am receiving the OTA join or is there any other issue. I have checked the keys and all ok.

See below request coming in on gateway console:


Below are serial logs from the gateway

2021-08-08 07:25:14.809 [any:XDEB] RX mod=LORA f=867900000 bw=867900000 sz=25 dr=12 40FA69012680DB020AF5BB4AAF0D58B63E57E4C32869B04C4C
2021-08-08 07:25:14.810 [S2E:VERB] RX 867.9MHz DR0 SF12/BW125 snr=9.0 rssi=-47 xtime=0xE400006F8CA304 - updf mhdr=40 DevAddr=260169FA FCtrl=80 FCnt=731 FOpts= 0AF5BB4A…C328 mic=1280094313 (25 bytes)
2021-08-08 07:25:14.811 [AIO:XDEB] [4|WS] > {“msgtype”:“updf”,“MHdr”:64,“DevAddr”:637626874,“FCtrl”:128,“FCnt”:731,“FOpts”:"",“FPort”:10,“FRMPayload”:“F5BB4AAF0D58B63E57E4C328”,“MIC”:1280094313,“RefTime”:1628407514.805379,“DR”:0,“Freq”:867900000,“upinfo”:{“rctx”:0,“xtime”:64176296561517316,“gpstime”:0,“fts”:-1,“rssi”:-47,“snr”:9,“rxtime”:1628407514.811291}}
2021-08-08 07:25:22.143 [SYN:INFO] Time sync qualities: min=219 q90=504 max=587 (previous q90=533)
2021-08-08 07:25:22.143 [SYN:INFO] MCU/SX130X drift stats: min: -1.0ppm q50: +18.6ppm q80: +35.2ppm max: +52.8ppm - threshold q90: +51.9ppm
2021-08-08 07:25:22.143 [SYN:INFO] Mean MCU drift vs SX130X#0: 15.6ppm
2021-08-08 07:25:29.799 [any:XDEB] RX mod=LORA f=867300000 bw=867300000 sz=25 dr=12 40FA69012680DC020A341503B692FB453244D51BA1FEF228F1
2021-08-08 07:25:29.800 [S2E:VERB] RX 867.3MHz DR0 SF12/BW125 snr=8.8 rssi=-36 xtime=0xE4000070717C12 - updf mhdr=40 DevAddr=260169FA FCtrl=80 FCnt=732 FOpts= 0A341503…1BA1 mic=-248974594 (25 bytes)
2021-08-08 07:25:29.801 [AIO:XDEB] [4|WS] > {“msgtype”:“updf”,“MHdr”:64,“DevAddr”:637626874,“FCtrl”:128,“FCnt”:732,“FOpts”:"",“FPort”:10,“FRMPayload”:“341503B692FB453244D51BA1”,“MIC”:-248974594,“RefTime”:1628407529.793852,“DR”:0,“Freq”:867300000,“upinfo”:{“rctx”:0,“xtime”:64176296576515090,“gpstime”:0,“fts”:-1,“rssi”:-36,“snr”:8.75,“rxtime”:1628407529.801086}}
2021-08-08 07:25:30.987 [AIO:XDEB] [4|WS] < PING ()
2021-08-08 07:25:30.987 [AIO:XDEB] [4|WS] > PONG
2021-08-08 07:26:01.571 [AIO:XDEB] [4|WS] < PING ()
2021-08-08 07:26:01.571 [AIO:XDEB] [4|WS] > PONG

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This only tells us that you are transmitting illegally and breaching the fair use policy for TTN.

Apart from that, there isn’t enough information to make a diagnosis - you won’t have uplinks if you didn’t join so that’s unlikely to be the problem unless you are using ABP.

What is the device & firmware?

I am using OTAA

Thanks for reply.

Definately OTAA

GW is something we are developing in house. Firmware is 2.0.4

When you say that looking at the logs you feel that it is breaching the fair use policy, are you able to higlight on what made you think that is the case please?

Even if you are developing a gateway in-house, it is the device that appears to have the problem you need to focus on. If you are working on a gateway, probably a good idea to have a purchased one to help with testing. So knowing about the device is important.

I don’t feel, you’ve provided prima facie evidence in the form of the screen shots and the logs - and it’s not just the FUP you are trashing, at that DR you are way over the legal limit by a factor of 10.

To be real clear, it is impossible to use TTN on anything less than 134 seconds between transmissions - there’s all sorts of messy averaging maths you can get in to if you want, but overall you should look at all of your settings.

In my station config, i have below settings. I will read through a bit more to understand about your comment and thank you for sharing insight. Just to add that i have in past connected same end device and gateway to the older version of TTN. But for some reason no success on the newer version of TTN.

    /* If slave-X.conf present this acts as default settings */
    "SX1302_conf": {                 /* Actual channel plan is controlled by server */
        "device": "/dev/spidev0.0",
        "lorawan_public": true,      /* is default */
        "clksrc": 0,                 /* radio_0 provides clock to concentrator */
        "full_duplex": false,
        "radio_0": {
            /* freq/enable provided by LNS - only HW specific settings listed here */
            "type": "SX1250",
            "rssi_offset": -215.4,
            "rssi_tcomp": {"coeff_a": 0, "coeff_b": 0, "coeff_c": 20.41, "coeff_d": 2162.56, "coeff_e": 0},
            "tx_enable": true,
            "antenna_gain": 0,           /* antenna gain, in dBi */
                {"rf_power": 12, "pa_gain": 0, "pwr_idx": 15},
                {"rf_power": 13, "pa_gain": 0, "pwr_idx": 16},
                {"rf_power": 14, "pa_gain": 0, "pwr_idx": 17},
                {"rf_power": 15, "pa_gain": 0, "pwr_idx": 19},
                {"rf_power": 16, "pa_gain": 0, "pwr_idx": 20},
                {"rf_power": 17, "pa_gain": 0, "pwr_idx": 22},
                {"rf_power": 18, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 1},
                {"rf_power": 19, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 2},
                {"rf_power": 20, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 3},
                {"rf_power": 21, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 4},
                {"rf_power": 22, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 5},
                {"rf_power": 23, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 6},
                {"rf_power": 24, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 7},
                {"rf_power": 25, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 9},
                {"rf_power": 26, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 11},
                {"rf_power": 27, "pa_gain": 1, "pwr_idx": 14}
        "radio_1": {
            "type": "SX1250",
            "rssi_offset": -215.4,
            "rssi_tcomp": {"coeff_a": 0, "coeff_b": 0, "coeff_c": 20.41, "coeff_d": 2162.56, "coeff_e": 0},
            "tx_enable": false
        /* chan_multiSF_X, chan_Lora_std, chan_FSK provided by LNS */
    "station_conf": {
        "radio_init": "/root/lora/",
        "RADIO_INIT_WAIT": "5s",
        "RX_POLL_INTV": "10ms",
        "TC_TIMEOUT": "360s",
        "log_file":  "stderr",   /* "station.log" */
        "log_size":  10000000,
        "log_rotate":  3

An SX1302 BBand with SX1250 front end - good start so which GW model or at least which concentrator cards are you now using?

Who’s firmware V2.04?

@Jeff-UK, but with only 1 radio, only half a gateway, so how many channels, so is this compliant.

@MuhammadAli, why is this topic about not sure if join is working when it’s about making a gateway? Do you have a known good device & gateway to test against? And as Jeff says, who’s firmware is the v2.0.4

TTS CE is far more compliant so it is not a total surprise that something created that worked with v2 isn’t working on v3.

As for the FUP/legal transmission times, you may be wording your intentions in a relaxed way, but the community will want you to take action, not just read a bit more.

Hummm, I quickly read as radio 0 + radio 1 so 2 devices, didn’t dive into unformatted code looking at detail just scanned for device types to be sure no longer on a scpf/scpf (as referenced before the topic split) before heading out into the field :wink: