No data transfer to sensor node in V3

Creation of new device in V3 has no result. Now I have registrated a gateway in V3 and data is coming in now from the V3 sensor. I think the issue is the gateway which is a single-channel one. I understood that these gateways are not supported by TTN for transferring data from V2 to V3. Can that being confirmed ?

Just plain not supported. Period. Please disconnect this from any part of the TTN network as not only are they NOT a gateway, but they are hugely disruptive to the network - devices expect 8 channels, you have one and its presence can cause all sorts of uplink & downlink issues.

So please disconnect now.

And what does any forum search of any post /thread about single channel 'gateways, dual channel ‘gateways’ or single/dual channel packet forwarders from the last 3 days to 3 years tell you about this? Anything ‘confirming’? It is a complete waste of everyones time trying to action and debug around one of these… and you cannot clain ignorance as by your post you are aware of a problem.

Clearly, this is not the way to encourage people to step in and support and help you…use search, read the available documentation and help yourself 1st then others can make a decent fist of helping from there on, but you have to have the basics in place to avoid such time wasting.

When asking questions, always first try to search the forum for existing information. Many questions have already been previously answered.

Have a look at the the following:
Single Channel Packet Forwarders (SCPF) are obsolete and not supported

I started with LORA in 2018 and then stopped until this year. Unfortunately I was not aware of the changed status of the single channel gateway. I now have read the information of oct 19 and it is clear to me. I apologize for that.
The single channel gateway is taken out of service and will be replaced by a proper one.


:+1: Good, thanx