No GPS in Metadata but GPS set in Location of the gateway

I have the same issue
Gateway = Mikrotik wAP lora8

Same issue here… but only since 10 Feb 2020 13h00. Before the location metadata has been sent.
Gateway: LorixOne

Same Problem with Mikrotik Gateway.

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Same here, RAK831

Same here with indoor TTN gateway from RS components / Gemtek.

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This probleem occurs random over time and type of gateway connectivity (Semtch UDP, MQTT, Basic station). I even see difference per API over which I query data. Ttnctl ptesents different information on opennetwork server and eu. This nondeterministic behaviour is characteristic for the state in which TTN public network is at this moment.


I have got the same problem with the TTN indoor gateway. But I think there is a workaround by searching the gateway id at TTN.
arjanvanb explained it here: Determine which gateway is used by a given node
So you put the gateway-id in the url and get all JSON data including the position. Example: