No Live Data showning up

I have recently started with a LoRa by building a Raspi Gateway. I’ve used this instructions for building the Gateway: Bulding a gateway with Raspberry Pi and IC880A | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN
I also got a Heltec WiFi LoRa 32(V2) and set it up as a Pax counter with this instructions: GitHub - cyberman54/ESP32-Paxcounter: Wifi & BLE driven passenger flow metering with cheap ESP32 boards
The Gateway successfully connects to the TTN Console and also shows an the amount of received up and down links and the Last activity but i couldn’t see anything on the Live data tab.
The same thing happens in an Application the amount of up and down links is shown but there is no Live data showing up.
Thanks for your help


  1. What region are you gateway set to?
    2.Do you see anything in your gateway live data? (is connected to TTN?) When you device is on.
  2. Your device, what region is it setup for?
  3. Are the DEVEUI, APPEUI and APPKEY in the correct order?

I’m sorry for not giving this info.

  1. The Gateway is in the eu1 cloud and the Frequency plan is EU_863_870_TTN. It is Located in Germany.
  2. Here is an screenshot of my Live data tab as it looks like since I set it up.
  3. It is the same as fore the gateway
  4. Yes they are in the order I checked it several times

Are you using OTAA?

Yes, I’m using OTTA

A rather pointless screen shot, please don’t!

If that’s actually for your gateway as implied by the blob in the middle, it’s not connected as there are no gateway keep-alive messages.

Gateway info is publicly available. The info you need to keep secret is the AppKey(s) for device(s).

Which order, LSB or MSB - there are instructions in the code that detail which way round they should be?


I’m pretty sure that the gateway is connected, because it says “Last activity1 minute ago” and my pax counter is connected to the gateway because if I shut the gateway down, the pax counter can not connect to LoRa.

In the example script the order is MSB and I receive the data from the app in my MQTT-client.

If you cant see any messages in your gateway live data you have one of two problems.

  1. Antennas are not connected. Ether the node side or the gateway.
    2 You frequency selection is incorrect.
    3 You device is off.

If your Keys are incorrect you will still see something in the gateway live date, but not in the application.

But I can get the data from the pax counter on the with a MQTT-client so my node must be connected to TTN over my gateway, because there is no other gateway reachable or is my assumption wrong?

Yes, like if we turn off WiFi our phones can’t surf the net. Not really relevant and the way LoRaWAN works, it doesn’t connect to the gateway, it connects to the server.

If you say both consoles are empty, then your gateway isn’t connected to TTN.

Last activity could just be you pressing buttons on the web page.

That’s a new one on me!

Maybe there is something about your browser that doesn’t support React-faux-Server-Side-Events which is the JavaScript mechanism used to pass console entries from the servers to your browser.

What browser are you using & what version?

Are you sure you arent getting data through another GW - LoRaWAN can have suprisingly long range! :wink: Have you checked the metadata for the messages you are getting to see which GW is handling it?

Quite possibly - until we know results of your investigation we wont know… :slight_smile:

Where are you located? (approx)

I’m using Mozilla Firefox, Version: 105.0.2 (64-bit), but I also tried it with Google Chrome, Version 106.0.5249.91 and Microsoft Edge, Version 106.0.1370.34

I note from the use case that:

Data can either be be stored on a local SD-card, transferred to cloud using LoRaWAN network (e.g. TheThingsNetwork or Helium) or MQTT over TCP/IP, or transmitted to a local host using serial (SPI) interface.

So wondering if running over LoRaWAN at all or just connected over WiFi and delivering MQTT that way?

Yes, I’m sure I checked the metadata and it says the name of my gateway as gateway id

I’m in Bavaria, Germany

I think I’m connected over LoRaWAN, because I took the Public MQTT address from my app on TTN: and the username and password and put this data into my MQTT-client.

Was thinking a little more local than that
but given

It doesnt matter as data getting through to end application post MQTT

To summarize OP etc.: you are seeing traffic on GW console page? You are seeing traffic in your Application console page? You are seeing traffic delivered over MQTT to end application using the MQTT integration set up at Application level in the console? You are not seeing traffic on your device/live data page? And you are seeing the GW as showing disconnected? (latter doesnt really matter as can be ‘sticky’ per other forum posts - just so long as your data is getting through! :slight_smile: )

I now opened the console with my phone and I saw all the traffic so I think it’s a problem with my browser or PC.
Thanks for the help but I think you can not help my further.

@Jeff-UK should I still answer your questions?

QUite likely - hence the stickiness reference :wink: A browser cache flush sometimes help or as you have done change device/browser :slight_smile:

No need - sounds like you are good to go! Good luck and happy counting! :+1:

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I love it when a plan comes together!

As I said, new one - like it!

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