Node activation problems and lack of dowlink on gateway and TTN console

help me please, I have configured a rak7258 on TTN, I see the received packets but zero transmitted packets, I have registered a wisnode 7204 RAK but I cannot activate it, I am attaching the gateway LOG and some screenshots useful for you for an analysisLOG_RAK7258_1.txt (17.6 KB) Lorawan_sit.pdf (240.0 KB)

another question, the appEui of the application must be the same as that of the device? the current configuration of the appEui of the TTN application contains both of them, while on the device I have only loaded the one configured at the factory

Gateway_screen.pdf (49.8 KB)

Your gateway textual log shows a join request, so probably details of the node AppEUI / DevEui / AppKey are not correctly entered at TTN causing the request to be ignored as that from an unknown device.

is it true that the otaa procedure foresees that I have to put appEui that generates TTN in the device perhaps?

You can either reprogramme your 7204 with the AppEUI generated by the TTN Console when registering the app OR use the ‘manage EUI’ → ‘add EUI’ options to add the AppEUI provided by RAK to your app in addition to the TTN generated one and it should then be processed to join ok.

Don’t forget to update the device to switch to the right AppEUI once you added it to the application.

RAK don’t provide App EUI’s, just Device EUI’s on the radio module which is inside the case.

Just let TTN generate one for you and then set it & the AppKey on the device using the serial tool.

Must confess you had me scratching my head in self doubt for a moment then…

So pulled a new RAK5205 from stock, never been used before so as received from RAK, with stock firmware, (used as base for the 7204 I believe (minus GPS!)

And fired it up, using USB power from laptop:

Sure enough when I look at the device settings what do I see but

BTW for this device they dont put anything on the packaging (or didnt at the time) and as you say I also see the Dev EUI on the sticker on the board - matching the screen shot.

Hence my quick suggestion, it may be what you say is true for other products.

Personally I find changing info in Console easier (using Manuf Id’s) & lower risk than me potentially bricking a device when reprogramming with TTN generated, unless I have to (you know how clumsy I can be :wink: )

I don’t get it… the device has an AppEui, a DevEui, and an AppKey, so what’s the problem?

I’d only expect the latter two to be unique per example. Did they forget to print the common AppEui on the sticker?

What am I missing?

There isnt one :slight_smile: in the context of the last couple of posts

However the OP was having a problem getting his RAK device set up correctly in system wrt registration & joining so wanted clarification as to how to use/handle APP EUI’s - so I guess the answer ‘what’ is possibly reading higher up the thread :wink: “Nothing to see here, move along now…”, says a man in official looking overalls… :slight_smile:

hello, one thing is not clear to me, in the data traffic on TTN gateway I see a join request and then I can see that the Eui APP is the one configured at the factory in the device, on TTN I also added this as well as remaining the one it has generated TTN, now I should use RAK serial tool to add the Eui app generated by TTN also in the device by deleting the one loaded by RAK factory?
thanks for your patience and for your kindness

I have configured 3 GW Dragino LG01-P in TTN and they are succesfully connected.
Then, I have configured a WisTrio LPWAN Tracker (RAK5205), first in OTAA mode, but it only sends a Join Request and never sends a Data message. For this, I tried ABP mode and the GW received the Data message on Live Data. However, in the Applications Sesion the node does not show connected and the Live Data does not show any message.
Please, could someone help me?, what is wrong?.

The LG01 is what we call a Single Channel Packet Forwarder - it can’t operate on the full 8 channels that a LoRaWAN gateway requires to hear the devices that expect to transmit on any of the 8 channels available.

This can also impact other devices in the reception area of your SCPF so we ask that they are not connected to TTN.

Thank you very much for your response.
Does this mean that LG01s cannot be used in TTN? This is what I understood.
Is there any other way they can be configured to work in TTN?
I remain attentive. Thank you very much.

They do not have the radio chips to be able to operate as 8 channel gateways.

Ok. Thank you