Node can make connection with TTN dashboard, but how about MQTT?


someone told me about LoRa an the remarkable distances one could reach, than I did buy some RN2483 devices and start experimenting, unfortunately I was not in the range from a gate-way so had to build one myself (Pi and IC-880). The gateway is working fine and I can see my node sending and receiving bytes to and from the ttn Dashboard. Now I want to make the next step MQTT, I studied several documents available on the web but still not clear of things are expected to work with ttn.

Question : can someone give me some directions to let my devices send / receive data to a (ttn?) broker where I can fetch them with for example MQTT.fx.

Thanks in advance !

(Hylke Visser) #2

See for details about MQTT. You can click the learn how to get data from this app in the dashboard to get your credentials.

You can also use our Node.JS client or have a look at the Socket.IO example.


Thanks for the fast reply,

  • do I have to change keys / settings on my nodes for MQTT or is it OK when they can “talk” with the ttn dashboard
  • is working with the command-line tool needed or can all be done with the web-based ttn-dashboard?

(Arjan) #4

If you see the uplinks from your nodes in the dashboard (or in ttnctl subscribe) then you’re good to go with MQTT. Simply try yourself.

And if you compare the ttnctl documentation to what you see in the Dashboard, you’ll see that not everything is in the dashboard (yet?), such as ttnctl applications authorize.