Node to node for a lorawan device

I am a bit confused about the lora node to node communication and the loraWan. I have a device node where the specifications says that the device is a loraWan class A. I wanted to use this device as a node and comunicate it with another node without putting the data on the internet server. Will I be able to do that?
If not then why? What does the device being a loraWan mean? Doesnt it have a lorachip in it. A lorawan is basically a lora comunication with a gateway where it gives data to the internet. If I donot want to give my data to the web then shouldnt it behave normally? what else does the gateway do to make it a loraWan. I am not able to get the exact difference between the node to node and loraWan node. Kindly help me in this regard as I am new into this.

Hard to say without knowing what the node is.

The difference between node to node which is also called point to point is that you use one set of software for that and for LoRaWAN you use a different set of software.

Some modules that you communicate via AT commands only do point to point and can’t be changed.

If you want to do point to point then this is not the forum for you - this TTI funded forum is for LoRaWAN only.

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