Node to Node wihtout gateway

i want to make a LORA net without a gateway, only whit nodes.
I will try to explain. My objective is that a fire detector can communicate with a siren without need a gateway. Some company sell this item ? will i need modify my node sofware ?
thx for your answerd, and sorry for my ignorance.

Hi @Carlox, did you do a basic search on the forum? I searched for the word “siren” and the top of the results is:

Also, the scope of this forum is LoRaWAN and TTN so you are not likely to get much help for out-of-scope requests.

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To be clear, the problem is only that this is off topic.

The linked question about controlling a siren through TTN really has nothing to do with this question, since the issues there are due to TTN, and this asker does not want to use TTN.

What you want to do is possible, but this is not a place to get help on it.