Not receiving data in application anymore, but I still see it in gateway tab


I am not getting any data in my application data tab in the ttn console, I see the data however when I look in the gateway data tab (its kept open the entire time)

handler: ttn-handler-eu
gateway: LorixOne
sensor: LoPy

Any idea whats wrong?

The system has been running smootly for months (~3-4).


Update: I am now recieving data in the application tab. It was unable to recieving any data for about ~30mins (20:20-20:50 CET)

Was there any problems on ttn’s side in this time period?

Seeing this issue too, even tried creating a new application and migrating devices over. Anyone have any troubleshooting tips?

Same problem here (US west). I was able to see OTAA activation but no futhur data package was received/displayed.

Which handler is used for the application (ttn-handler-eu for @Kvist) and which router for the gateway?

Like suggested in After successful OTAA, TTN Console shows uplink traffic in gateway, but no data in application:

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Note that there has been some problems yesterday (20th Jan – eu handler):
(Times in CET)

My 4 gateways were receiving packets, but nothing on the application side.

ttn-router-eu for the gateway.

Its up and running again, as I mentioned earlier. No changes were made, and the gateway + application have been running successfully for several months.

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Thank you for the info. By changing the handler I was able to get the data again.
Though I should have created a new application with the correct handler instead of modifying the old application. Because all registered device info will be lost if the handler is changed. I learned that too late.

Didn’t you get a warning like the following?

Are you sure you want to change the handler registration for application <name>?

Confirm by typing the ID of the application:

:warning: All devices registered to this application will be lost

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Having the same issue too. Tried to reset the device’s frame counter (ABP), but it didn’t help. Traffic shows up in the Gateway.

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