Nucleo-WL55JC1 can't connect to the TTN indoor Gateway


I have some difficulties connecting my Nucleo-WL55JC1 card with the TTN indoor gateway. Now, for how to configure my system:
Gateway: The gateway itself is operational and is working without any problems.

End-device is where the problem starts:

For the code that I used, I utilized the firmware “STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.3.0” and am using the “LoRaWAN_End_Node”. For the configuration of my end-devices, I followed these videos posted by STMicroelectronics :

When I start the code, I have these in the serial port that is connected to the Nucleo board :

But nothing appear on the data-feed of the gateway. And for the distance beteween the gateway and the nucleo is less than a meter.

The first issue to start with.

It is not Wi-Fi, minimum distance between node and gateway is 5m plus a brick wall, the RSSI need to be -60 or so.

Did you read the get started? Home | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

Hey, I just read the ‘Get Started’ section and placed the gateway about 8 meters, but still nothing. I’ve followed the ‘Get Started’ instructions but still, same error.