Otaa join accept problem

plz help me
i’ve test many ways to join with otaa to ttn but its seems to be imposible
i have a rfm96 and arduino nano and blepill and esp32.
i test all of them with lmic lib but it does’nt work. i test abp way and its ok but not otaa.
plz some body tell me what should i do or a tested lib or any hint to solve this problem
is any body else faced to this issuses!!!

ABP join does not transmit and receive any data, it just changes some data structures in the stack which will (almost) always succeed.
For OTAA your device sends data which has to be received by at least one gateway and TTN needs to respond to that using one of those gateways which has to be received by your device.

Is there a gateway near to you? Do you see anything being received in the TTN console for your device?

data send to my gateway beside me
this pictures are device console and gateway console

If this is your node and gateway and they are 5-10m apart with a brick wall in between. And you RSSI is at -111, I would think there is something wrong with your antennas.

Tell us more about your setup, where is your node and where is the gateway? Close proximity, far apart, building in between…

Please read the many many many messages on this forum regarding devices shouting to a gateway. LoRaWAN is LOng RAnge technology and won’t work (reliably) when device and gateway are close together. It is like you trying to understand what someone is shouting next to your ear in a quiet room…

gateway and end device are 20cm far from each other
but i didnt connect antena
now its connected and rssi is better but still the problem exsist

thank you my friend
i made them far and its working
i didnot see this subject in froum
lack of my atention

This is the one of fastest you can make RF devise stopping to work, it is like reversing VCC and G.

i learned it now

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