OTAA Sensors don't connect

The sensor is located where the red arrow points. It looks like there is enough coverage there but the sensors won’t connect (or at least won’t appear as connected in our application).

Gateway details:
Name RAK2245-RPi
ID rak2245-rpi
Network NS_TTS_V3://ttn@000013
Description Uncannier Software RAK2245 RPi3B+ 915MHz

Last heard Tue, Dec 12, 2023 10:34 AM CET
Lat, Lon -31.9931, 115.80183
Altitude 32m

The sensors work on AS923 frequency. They are Sensoterra sensors ( Product - Sensoterra )

Any help will be appreciated

there are two different channel planes in aus

AU_915_928 and AS_923


that gateway is on AU_915_928 and your sensor is on AS923

you will need to most probably get your own gateway

as the closes one to you is some 6km away

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