Patch Version Release Schedule

First of all, a massive thanks to the TTN devs for adding API key creation to ttn-lw-stack in - I wasn’t expecting to see this feature implemented so soon!

Since I’m pulling the image from docker hub, I wanted to ask if there is a rough schedule for patch releases (or ETA on the next patch release)? Knowing when the image may become available will help me arrange my development accordingly. At the moment I’m manually editing the database to add an API key, which is no fun at all, so I’m looking forward to not needing to do that!

We don’t really follow a release schedule (yet, as of January 2021), but if you want, you can use our development builds. You can find the commit hashes of recent snapshot builds here (make sure to filter on the minor version branch you want).

Docker images for those snapshot builds are pushed to:

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Perfect. I’ve just tried out the relevant commit and the command works great. Thanks!