Payload formatter V3: how to return RSSI and SNR to a ThingSpeak channel?

Hi all.

I have successfully created a payload formatter for my LGT92 tracker. And I have created a webhook to a ThingSpeak channel. I now get a cool gauge showing my battery level :hugs:

But in ThingsSpeak I also want to record the SNR and RSSI of messages. As far as I understand I have to return those as data fields in the payload formatter, just as I did with the battery level. But I have no access to SNR and RSSI in the formatter. So how do I do that?

You can’t from a payload formatter, we get the payload byte array & port number.

There is a ThingSpeak web hook …

I know, that is what I used.

So, how do I solve my use case then? Should I place a feature request somewhere?

Or am I missing some conceptual thing here? How is the message information (RSSI, SNR, bandwidth, gateway, etc. etc.) communicated to ThingSpeak when using the default webhook integration?

Sure, why not, here: GitHub - TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack: The Things Stack, an Open Source LoRaWAN Network Server

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Thx for the link.

Done: Add lorawan data to payload formatter · Issue #4435 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub