Placing two LoRa gateway antennas on the same roof?

I have the situation where two separate gateways should be installed on the same roof.

Is it even possible?
If yes, will the whole system organize itself automatically, or is there something to configure to make it working?

It is, but it’s important to keep a few meters distance. So if you’ve got some kind of metal frame in mind it’s better not to let them share it.

Apart from that as far as I know it’s possible to connect one gateway to multiple back ends, so what are you trying to achieve with two devices?

i’d suggest 20m minimal distance, more is better

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If possible is to mount the on one mast vertically but separated several meters apart …
the antenna’s don’t “see” each other radio wise speaking this generates several dB of attenuation.
when placing the on the same height but separated by x meters the antennas see each other radio wise.


We have our device on our roof, but we have been asked to put the device of a collaborating company on our roof as well. If on the radio level, thinks are not doing well, we will be obliged to share the radio and the gateway, which means more testing and configuration for both teams

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