Private LoRaWAN networks in Saudi Arabia

Does any one have any knowledge of rules/reg etc of LoRaWAN in Saudi Arabia?

It looks like they probably prefer the use of 868, but I can’t figure out if 433 is actually disallowed/illegal to use. It would be a private network. Also can’t find any details on the duty cycle limits etc.

A quick check of LoRa Alliance RP002-1.0.3 shows

Though you should check with them for latest info and also (as you are doing) do your own due dillegence/regulatory checks - consequences of mistakes in some countries can be profound! :wink:

This is just for general information as private network + 433Mhz likely places outside of scope of this Forum (unless engaged with TTI Core for the Private Instance - in which case I’m sure the team can guide you further :slight_smile: )

I’d seen, this, or very similar document with this information, that had reference to sub notes in the last column, the subnotes referenced added to the confusion because one of them seemed to say that you would need licencing. but then said not always, another subnote seemed to suggest that it was reserved for specific sectors to use and final subnote made no sense at all.

I, well we, the customer has been looking into this longer than I have, have found nothing in the way of a regulatory body for Saudi Arabia that we can contact for their rules & regs on duty cycle, see as it would be private network and not governed by the likes of TTN or similar.

The customer has noted that there are some forms of communication that simply aren’t allowed over there, walkie talkies on these frequencies aren’t for example

This forum is well indexed by Google and there are many people travelling hopeful, so for clarity:

And because @Jeff-UK left out his traditional, we are not lawyers, anything said here is opinion with no legal recourse.

This may seem like semantics, but TTN don’t govern anything, neither do TTI, like us, they comply. I’ll side step the implication that a private TTI network somehow supersedes a countries law as that’s just crazy talk. :wink:

I think the link will be useful to you

Useful doc, thanks for linking & sharing

YMMV but this cleaned up link without the “#search…” string ending yields a cleaner version for me without every instance of the letters “in” in the document highlighted :slight_smile: