Problem connecting ESP32

I’ve got a Problem.
I have 2 Gateways LGO1 and OLG01 (indoor and outdoor). Both Gateways are connected to the TTN console. I want to count people with 4 ESP32 Boards (2x TTGO v2 and 2x Heltex LoRa 32v2). I programmed them correctly. The problem is they dont connect to my TTN application. I have no idea why. Visual Studio Code doesnt show any warning or mistakes. I registered them all but i dont receive data. Not even the activation message. The USB power supply isnt the problem. I tested many.

Those are not LoRaWAN gateways. Have you modified the ESP code to use only one channel at a fixed SF? If not you won’t get it working. And with those modifications your node is not LoRaWAN compliant.

My predecessor programmed the one ESP32 which is working, but i guess he modified the code, because the ESP is only sending data on SF9. And i can only connect on SF7. How do i have to modify the code to get the others working? Thanks for the help :smile:

Single Channel Packet Forwarders (SCPF) negatively impact proper operation of gateways and nodes in your area which means it negatively impacts the network and other users. Not only now, but also in the future when new nodes and new gateways are added in the area.
Use of SCPF’s is depricated and it is advised to use true LoRaWAN compliant gateways instead.

See: Single Channel Packet Forwarders are deprecated and NOT Supported [guidelines]

That that there is still some SCPF related information available on the forum has historic reasons.

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What does that mean for me? Do i need a new “gateway” to receive data from my ESP32 or is there any possibility to get this working?

It means that we do not support single channel packet forwarders on The Things Network and on the forum and that we condemn their use. Be aware that not supported also means that they are not guaranteed to stay working in the future whatsoever.

As you were also talking about an outdoor ‘gateway’ you really should consider to go for LoRaWAN compliant gateways. That will just work as designed, without having to perform non-LoRaWAN compliant hacks that negatively impact operation of the network and other users and will be much easier to get support for.

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Also appreciate that those LG01 devices can interfere with other, geniune and properly configured TTN nodes, that might be in your area.

It’s not clear whether that was meant sarcastically or not.

Not meant sarcastically at all, I use in in this context of its meaning;

“to understand a situation and realise that it is important”