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we are group of software and hardware develops from Ukraine, Kharkov and we would like to introduce our board Lothings A3
that is based on on RN2483 + HC08(HC06). According to our plans it could be used as a router to forward messages from bluetooth network to LoraWAN and vise versa.
Also it has the following features:
-setup parameters of sending(power,SF,Ack flag,up/down message counter,port)
-send messages

For convenience purposes all this action could be done by using Android application that has the following features:
-set/get the current power,SF,Ack flag
-set/get the current up/down message counter
-set/get the current DevAdr, AppSKey, NetSKey for ABP mode
-set/get the current DevEui, AppKey, AppEui for OTA mode
-send message to specific port(user input or gps data of phone),messages could be sent by press button event or timer
-update current version of firmware( user even could change code for instance to use free pins of board for his purposes )
-connect to board Lothings A3 through bluetooth channel
-connect to server mqtt bus and get RSSI,SNR of messages that were received by gateway
-for messages with Ack = true show the client value of RSSI,SNR

Also the board could be used for testing the parameters of transmitting/receiving messages form client/server side and as the result to estimate the quality of covering your LoraWAN.


You’re right, RFM95 is not LoRa-Alliance certified, but we don’t have plans produce a Whisper Node using the RN2483 on the public boards.

What I can share is that we’re developing a STM32 version with low-power in mind as well. We still investigating which ST MCU offers the better cost/benefits and still able to run at very low-voltage to use with normal Alkaline cells.

Hi Everyone. Some very cool and interesting designs / products posted here. Thought I would add mine too.

Going into this, the aim was to create a key-ring sized device capable of mods to suite the needs for any application including GPS tracking and some other features. Soldering on the first batch was done manually, so please do excuse it.

Some of the features:

  1. GPS Tracking (optional)
  2. Movement detection and activity monitoring
  3. On-board temperature sensor
  4. Expansible IO through SPI bus
  5. Header for additional analog sensor
  6. Built-in Bluetooth LE central stack
  7. Solar / Battery or hybrid operation
  8. Integrated and configurable charge circuit for Li-Ion
  9. Based on the awesome RM1xx
  10. Programming header for the code freaks
  11. Programmable user button.
  12. Antenna can either be external or mounted on-board depending on the application.
  13. Uses less than 10 uA when in sleep mode.

Device operation time with all the bells and whistles enabled running on a 600mAh battery, exceeds 10 hours when transmitting every 45 seconds.

My website is

Edit: Device cover currently in development… :stuck_out_tongue:


My developped LoraWAN accelerometer :slight_smile:

Available here:

Who dares to buy and test :slight_smile:


I am offering this RN2483 Raspberry Pi Zero Hat on Tindie.
There is an special discount code for TTN forum users.

25% discount code: TTN_Forum


Hi professional TTN users in the EU.

EBV will sell the Laird RG186 Gateway starting at the end of this month for € 245,- excl. VAT and shipping cost.

Please contact me or your local EBV office for more details. or

We only sell to business customers unfortunately.

Item pricing for the lorawan accelerometer will be adjusted, postage will be reduced and tax will be removed. Total price incl shipping would be 69+15 = 84€.
Please send a mail to when still interested!

What kind of MSRP can we expect? Just a rough estimation.

do you have (a link) datasheet for this RFM95TW 868MHz /915MHz module ? :sunglasses:

thank you, but that is the ‘normal’ one, I want to discover the difference between the RFM95 and the ‘expensive’ one the RFM95TW offered here :wink:

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As far as I can see, Hoperf don’t make a RFM95TW. They do a RFM95PW -

This RFM95TW might be a clone.

I have these. They are TCXO version of the RFM95W. Hence more expensive. On a regular RFM95W, it works at best on the borderline at 125kHZ and SF=12. And not reliably at these settings especially when your data is slightly longer. These are made to order on MOQ. After testing them out, it then works reliably at BW=125kHz and SF=12. But although claimed to work down to 62.5kHz, it doesn’t work for me. And one more drawback is the sleep current consumption as the TCXO circuitry doesn’t have a shutdown implementation, so it consumes 600uA during sleep.


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New Reduction Board for ISP (IMST+RPI). All “holes” for IMST and this board are exactly same size as plastic board from allubox (RF elements). So the new gateway takes about 1 hour to build (without drill).

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Hi @DarrenO , thx. IMST iC880A can run 915MHz and it is same size. So you need only setup channels for 915MHz and it will work. Mechanicly it is same. Not a big problem.

…The IBM LoRa™ MAC in (LMiC) C-library is a portable implementation of the LoRa™ MAC specification for the C programming language for iM880A. It supports both the EU-868 and the US-915 variants of the specification and it can handle class A and class B devices. It is provided as open source under the Eclipse Public License (EPL)._

Hi I will add this item to our webshop ( - but is in czech only at the moment. Or if you interested I can do offer for you if you send me your credentials a number of pcs to vozak @ rvtech dot cz. But be aware pls, that price will be about 80-100E - so it is not cheap. Rgards. R

Hi Emma from FlyFun… welcome :sunglasses: