Production ready accurate humidity nodes, CE, IP65 (Europe)?

(Chbla) #1

Hi there,

Can anyone recommend (tested/does have experience with) accurate humidity sensors with CE, IP65 enclosure, available in Europe?

Thanks for any pointers!

(Gpenzo) #2

type sht31 in aliexpress thise may be what you need

(Chbla) #3

As explained I’m not looking for DIY


this topic is related ?

or in this product search the price (accurate+IP65) is not that important ?

(Tony Smith) #8

@chbla, could you explain why you are asking for CE approval on the sensor. Its not as if it will be connected to mains voltages and needs approvals. BTW, this put me off responding.

(Ud Lo Ra) #9

My impression is that he is asking for complete nodes, not for sensors. For them I suppose you have to certify electromagnetic compatibility or so.

(Chbla) #10

I’m no expert, but I think in the EU CE is not only needed if it’s connected to mains voltages but also for RF and other electronic devices.

At least the sensors that I currently have, that are production ready, all have CE markings.

I’m asking this as we are targeting production ready sensors, not DIY projects. This is because we are dealing with cities as partners and that’s the first question they ask. If you show up with a DIY (or if it only LOOKS like DIY) device, they stop talking.

(Tony Smith) #11

Understand. Can you help me, what standard are they tested to achieve the CE Mark?

(Ud Lo Ra) #12

I am not expert at all, but radio devices need to be conformant to a directive, and almost everything electric to another one.

(Ud Lo Ra) #13

call them “production ready nodes” and it will be clearer, because sensors are normally intended as the sensing part only.

(Chbla) #14

I cannot help with that, sorry, no expert.

(Chbla) #15

Thanks for the clarification!