Public gateway information on TTN sites

I am seeing some inconsistencies in how gateway information is made public and where this information stems from. displays only gateway id - not very helpful.
Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 23.38.18

However, the maps on community pages list some meta information e.g. at
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 07.58.52
However, I do not fully understand where I would have to specify the various values for those keys. Some seem to come from the information I provide at “General settings” in the TTN gateway console but not all. Then there’s eg. “Placement” which I can define on the gateway console (“Location” page). Yet, on that map it still shows up as “Not specified”.

Can someone maybe shed some light on this? I didn’t find documentation explaining these questions.

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It is all to do of how the OP sets up their gateway and what they choose to share.

I have seen you can’t really change too much from when you initially register the gateway.

I have had to ask previously on the slack channel for them to change the settings in the backend.

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I just realized the inconsistencies go as far as the API.<my-gw-id>/connection/stats for my gateway returns

    "last_status": {
        "antenna_locations": [
                "altitude": xxx,
                "latitude": xxx,
                "longitude": xxx,
                "source": "SOURCE_GPS"

However, on the gateway configuration page in the console I activated “Set location manually” as the GW doesn’t have GPS.

Maybe all of this can be traced back to v2 → v3 aftershocks?

And…I just discovered the<my-gw-id> resource which appears to be what drives the map on the TTN community sites.

The TTS is open-source, so as well as detailing the inconsistencies, you should be making changes to the code to submit them to the main repository it won’t change all by itself. At the minimum you should submit a GitHub issue with details on what you see and what you’d like to see.