Pulsnitz, Germany


Just wanted to share that Pulsnitz, a rather small town north of Dresden, will get a TTN gateway as well. If more gateways around and in Dresden join TTN we might be able to get access available in the whole region? Anyone interested please get in touch.

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Hi … I’m intested. I’m quite close to you (Grossroehrsdorf).
I think we could discuss details directly :sunglasses:


Nice. I guess the next gateway should be located in Radeberg (still north of Dresden) to have a throughout signal. With another hop in the north of Bühlau (in Dresden) or Weixdorf/Klotsche (also Dresden) the next larger town (Dresden) in Saxony, Germany would be reached.

But this is only a guess.

I’m available on Google+ and Facebook as well but I think if more users join a separate web site / platform should be used to publicly show what we do and what can be done with LoraWAN.

The forum settings are a little bit too restrictive for my taste … As only two links are allowed per post here comes another option:

There are user groups in Dresden (like the Freifunk or Linux ones) as well that might have interest in LoraWAN and TTN. But that’s something that might wait until the gateways are at least delivered to have something to showcase :slight_smile:

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Hello all!

Sounds good, let’s get Pulsnitz connected! Let me know if you guys have talked and are ready to start a campaign so I can set you up with a campaign page (eg. http://thethingsnetwork.org/c/almere)

@NotTheEvilOne: I upgraded your status, you should be able to post more

Hello, nice to read about some nodes near dresden. Are you sure there will be a gateway in Bühlau? I already own 2 tiny and cheap lora chips from china and start some tiny projects, soon. I would like to join a meeting in march :smile:


First things first: I moved to Pulsnitz these days, so now I’m just waiting for the gateway to start experimenting :wink: Nice to hear that someone from within Dresden already has nodes but in fact I never heart from anyone within Dresden interested in running a gateway.

I just mentioned Bühlau (and Radeberg) because I personally think with these locations the whole area north-east of Dresden could be covered. Including gateways in Langebrück and Klotsche would even cover everything north of the city. Of course more gateways within the city are needed as well. I guess right after receiving the gateway it’s time to finally get in contact with Freifunk Dresden (http://www.ddmesh.de/). If you want to do that just link to this thread to invite them :slight_smile:

I will get a gateway too, but i don’t know where i will setup the gateway. I’m sure i will move in the next years to another city. Maybe i will setup the gateway at my home city in thuringia. Or will use the gateway as a mobile gateway for “scientific”-purpose :smiley: I have close connections to the freifunk movement in my home city. As far as i know, they like ttn but the focus is freifunk. Another contact could be the AGDSN. They take care of the internet around the dorms and have access to the roofs of Wundstraße near the TU. The Turmlabor of TUD could be a contact too.

At least we are two gateway owners in DD.:smiley:

The TheThingsNetwork gateways get finally delivered. Pulsnitz as well as (Klein)Großröhrsdorf are already up and it looks like @jwende has been far more active already. I’m just starting to “play around”. Any news about other gateways in the Dresden area?

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Is there some community to connect and share information for the saxony region?
Would be also interested and located in Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) and also Dresden (daily).


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