Pycom's LoPy as node device can't show in Application Data

I’m using LoPy from Pycom as a single channel gateway to TTN, and another LoPy as node device in ABP mode with US915 frequency.
Right now the gateway could push the data packet to TTN as below, I can see the data traffic:

Also I can see the node device is connected and the increment of upframe:

But there is no data in application data:

I wonder if it’s because I didn’t add any decode function for the application, but not sure right now.

Hope your guys could help me!

maybe node and single channel GW don’t operate on the same frequeny … you should see the data in the application.

Hi, thanks for reply. I also use LoPy as the node device, and set frequency to 903900000 in both gateway and node. And the payload in the event data of the data traffic seems encrypted?

here you’ll find lots of information


did you try the search in the right top corner ?

Yes. I have searched and found out some solutions. I’ll try them on Monday. Thanks for your help!

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