Questions about LoRaWAN Libraries

my arduino error is lmic.h library
it says lmic.h library is not found
yes I am trying to move to the new library

How did you manage to compile & upload firmware if your IDE can’t find the LoRaWAN software?

I have just used GitHub - robertlie/dht11-ttn-rfm95: Send DHT11 sensor data using the Arduino Uno, HopeRF RFM95 LoRa transceiver and The Things Network to IOTA Tangle using Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) this libarary along with the old arduino lmic master library and dht sensor library which is working fine
but when I replace old lmic with new mcci lmic it reslults in error

Ah, well, going to take some refactoring or building device firmware from the parts rather than recycling an old repro.

You can still use the Classic / Matt LMiC and as I said, it has a docs directory - have you found the docs and have you read them, thus finding the correct command to turn ADR on & off??

Thank you for giving your attention and time
it is really appreciated
yes I have found the docs and I am reading it
I will try to active Adr
if I had any problem can I ask again here?

Of course!

i am using esp32 with sx1276 and i have my gateway up and running with chirpstack bridge application server and network server now i want to test class c which library i can use?
thanks and regards
manikandan v

This is the Forum for TTN…we do not use ChirpStack - recommend you ask on the CS Forum.