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The LIBRARY basement part 6
Failed to register device RAK 5205


excited to announce a software platform, RUI, which has supported RAK8211-G, RAK8211-NB, RAK8212, and RAK8212-M now. _
Next step. RUI will support all RAKwireless itracker modules which use #Nordic MCU.
In the future, RUI will support more MCU and sensors.




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(Jezd) #14

Lots of detailed info here, schematics etc, interesting to see whats changed re the v1.0 boards too, connection of the sleep pin on the GPS for example


(Jeff Uk) #26

The problem with a watertight/weather proof box of course is that the env sensors then become largely redundant/ineffective! :wink:

(Kenyu) #27

All the lines which connects to header come from RAK811 Module. But RAK811 Module has no SPI and limited GPIO pins. GPS connects to RAK811 Module by UART3 and sensors connect to RAK811 Module by I2C. The I2C bus connected to header is for extnal expand.

(Kenyu) #28

wistrio%20box here is the package we will provide soon come with Wistrio LoRa Tracker boards

(Radec) #30

Yes, interreting the new package. It’s similar concept same SodaqOne with a solar panel.

I read in the documentation, WisTrio has two ports for IPEX connectors LoRa and GPS. But I see only one hardware version with only SMA connectors.

(Xz81) #31

I also noticed about the connectors. Let’s see if someone can provide information. I think that the boxed version should be provided with IPEX or internal antennas




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(Pat Molloy) #48

Thanks, yes, I have seen that … after more experiments, I have narrowed this down to the DEVEUI ( 60 C5 A8 FF FE 00 00 00). Entering that DEVEUI provokes the message. I will see if I can set the actual DEVEUI to something else on the device (some AT command ?) … This could be due to my repeated attempts to get this working and that DEVEUI being caached somewhere in the TTN Backend?? A bit out of my depth!

(Pat Molloy) #49

And I’ve just noticed that the last 3 bytes of the DEVEUI on the sticker on the device (6D 00 7E) differ from what is squirting out of the serial port

RAK5205 BreakBoard soft version: 1.1.6
LIS3DH init success
Move Detected INT1 src:0x00
ACC X:-688mg Y:-448mg Z:-624mg
BME680 init success
T: 27.12 degC, P: 1030.73 hPa, H 29.67 %rH , G: 7172 ohms
region = EU868
app_interval = 120
gps_stime = 60
msg confirm = 0
power save = 1

Selected LoraWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU868

Move Detected INT1 src:0x42
ACC X:-16mg Y:-16mg Z:0mg
Dev_EUI: 60 C5 A8 FF FE 00 00 00


you copy that Dev_EUI from the manual ?

(Kastayou) #52

Thank you, I have received my device today and was stuck trying to modify the APP EUI.

I was looking at the documention on their github and it is incorrect :thinking:

The right at command to modify the APP EUI is

and not at+set_config=app_eui:xxxxx which was giving an ERROR

I was also trying the basic command at+version but it seems that it is not implemented in the loaded firmware. “RAK5205 BreakBoard soft version: 1.1.6”

My device is now connected on TTN :grinning:

(Pat Molloy) #53

Yes, manual says use the DEVEUI on the label on the board. The problem is that the label disagrees with what the board reports on the serial port, and using what the board reports gives me the error I reported earlier. I am going to try to change via AT commands!

(Pat Molloy) #54

Ah! How do you get the board into a mode where it will accept AT commands, and is there an AT command to make the settings sticky (so they survive a power cycle)?

(Kastayou) #55

I have used the dev eui value from the console output to register the device on TTN and it worked fine

(Kastayou) #56

Just press the rest button and wait for the boot message

RAK5205 BreakBoard soft version: 1.1.6
LIS3DH init success
Move Detected INT1 src:0x00
ACC X:208mg Y:-48mg Z:-976mg
BME680 init success
T: 27.70 degC, P: 1027.01 hPa, H 28.86 %rH , G: 10676 ohms

You can then enter your at command.

You have to do it before the JOIN process has started