RAK7249 - DIY enterprise gateway



The RAK7249 is the first DIY enterprise grade gateway on the market.
Customers can configure from a variety of options depending on their needs.





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The WORKBENCH part 3
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(Kenyu) #2

The most key feature to help developer to experience the professional gateway. RAK core engineering team work in H3C.com and have more than 10 years Enterprise wifi router product development experience.We leverage our wifi router experience to make the enterprise loRaWan gateway software.You can see the software function like LoRaWan network settings

(Kenyu) #3

More information check this doc:DIY Gateway User manual


(Jeff Uk) #5

Not clear from pictures or video but wondering if there is a moisture barrier/pressure plug/vent on the housing?



my guess is … ’ reserved’ :sunglasses:

(Jeff Uk) #7

Its here! :slight_smile: …Unboxing, build & field reviews to follow…

(Remko) #8

@Jeff-UK Any new experiences on the gateway? Can you please update us?

(Simzik) #9

Hi there,

i am also a proud owner of the RAK7249 DIY Gateway. After some time setting it up, i was able to configure it using the OpenWRT GUI.
Also it was possible to connect it to TTN quite easily and packets are flying in.
The Gateway offers Wifi Connectivity and has two interfaces for that.
Unfortunatly the GUI does not offer a lot of configuration.
I would like to use one of the Wifis to Connect to my Access Point at home and serve as WAN connection.
Does anyone know or has experience how to configure the Firewall Rules in OpenWrt to manage this.
I am stuck for more than 3 days in a row now.
I am able to connect to the Wifi, but even if i ssh on the gateway it is not possible to send a Ping to google.
DNS Resolving during Ping is working however.
Also if there are any questions about the Gateway itself or if screenshots are needed or anyone is interested in more details about the Gateway, i am happy to help.

Thanks a lot

(Abhishek2101) #10

have you tried using the cellular link to transfer the data ? and are you using the battery backup. I am planning to use this gateway for few city wide deployments.


It’s a quite new product , So not very common yet.
Maybe they can help you better here

(Simzik) #12

Hi BoRRoZ,

i found a soultion, i had to change the metrics of the interfaces so that wlan0 is automatically set as standard gateway for wan connections. I spend quite a bit of time on the configuration now, so if anyone is facing issues feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

(Abhishek2101) #13

Have you tested the range you are getting with the gateway placed outdoor ?

(Simzik) #14

Yes, I tried different antennas and not getting over 500m in suburban are. Height of gateway is approximately 15m above ground. Already opened a topic at Take forum about that.