RAK831 Pi Zero


Hi there,

just to let you know I’ve released all source code, BOM and documentation of this DIY small GW based on a Raspberry PI zero and RAK831 Concentrator. It works with @kersing new packed forwarder(MP Packet forwarder release for Linux based gateways)

PCB Boards https://github.com/hallard/RAK831-Zero
Software Setup https://github.com/ch2i/LoraGW-Setup

Any ideas and/or changes are welcome

The hard RAK831 cafe part 2

beauty !

and now for people like me, just one SD card where you only edit one file and it just works


Thanks, yeah I was thinking about a ready made image

Did you noticed the place for your favorite OLED with 5V power :wink:


Add a RAK831 maybe? :wink:


Nice idea, just need to ask, do you need a sandwich :joy::joy::joy:


Yes, with some curry please. :grin:

(Russ Nelson) #7

Parts ordered to make one!


Where did you ordered it? PCBs.io seems to have some issues, they do not answer to my email and PCB are stuck “in fabrication” and my order has more than one month.

(Russ Nelson) #9

I ordered it from PCBs.io as you suggested. Mine are “awaiting panelization”.
Have you tried OSH Park? I might cancel the PCBs.io and go with OSH Park. They’re more expensive for 3 rather than 4 boards, but they’re extremely reliable in my experience. High quality boards with excellent customer service.

(Joyson100) #10

just curious how do you order this? And what is the cost? Can we do a group order by any chance?


we’re talking about the PCB only, this GW is a DIY one
if you follow the link in this first article post you’ll find all what you need.

But I help you, to order PCB just click here then click on button order now, could not be easier :wink:

(Russ Nelson) #12

Of course you have to order for printed circuit boards from that company, so I ordered four sets of parts. Once everything arrives, I’ll be happy to split out three of them for other people to build.

(Russ Nelson) #13

Mine are now “in fabrication”.

(Russ Nelson) #14

DigiKey and Newark parts have arrived. Just waiting on the PCBs now.

(Russ Nelson) #15

RAK831 (finally) shipped. Probably two week delivery time.


Got mine today in France took 7 days to come, not bad

(Russ Nelson) #17

Wasn’t actually shipped until 3 days ago.


Hi @RussNelson - if you are still offering to split out a set, I would be happy to purchase :slight_smile:

(Jeff Uk) #19

Ditto here! :wink: @nicbkw @RussNelson

(Graphics80) #20

If you order pcbs get them from www.pcbway.com only 5$ for 10 pcbs… And very fast production and delivery…