Raspberry Pi Gateway + ESP32 Node

Hello Everyone!

I’ve tried to setup the dual channel gateway on RPI like descripted in here:

I’m using a RaspberryPi 3B with Dragino LoRa Hat V1.4.

But I have a problem at the moment, hope someone could help me…

My Node (Heltec ESP 32 V2) worked good as I testet it on another gateway.

Using it with my gateway it is sending a Join request, gets the acception, until there everything is fine.

After the acception i mostly dont get any uplink messages. Sometimes there comes one uplink, than one downlink after this the node stucks in “sending” mode and nothing arrives at the gateway.

Best regards
Simon Wunderlich!

That would imply the ‘Gateway’ is not TTN compliant ?

The OTAA response to the node will instruct the node to use all 8 channels of the TTN EU868 channel plan with a choice of data rate. Your non compliant packet forwarder (it is not a LoRaWAN gateway) listens at max 2 channels so most transmissions will not be received.

Please invest in a LoRaWAN compliant gateway if you want to use TTN. These are available starting at about 100 euro (no RPi required if you choose something like the TTIG)