Raspberry Pi3 as TTN Node / Watchdog


atm i have no internet and i want to know if my network and smarthome stuff still works.
i thought do twice a day something like a summary of my systems and send this via LoraWan to ttn, prepare the data and send me a mail.

I saw on the TTN Map that One of my neighbors has already a working Gateway.

so i want to collect my data and send through his gateway, even if i have no internet connection at home.

Is this possible ?

I have already an leftover Raspberry Pi 3 and bought an RPIZ SHD LORA868 Raspberry Pi Shield - LoRa, 868 MHz, SX1262

can i achive this? i found very less informations at the web.
maybe someone know instruction or tutorials. im verry happy for any kind of information.

thank you in advance.

Unfortunately that is incompatible with TTN - it uses the Ebyte E22 module, which neither implements LoRaWAN nor provides direct control of the radio to do so, but rather implements some sort of serial proxying scheme which may or may not be legal in your location, but is off topic here since it’s a completely different sort of LoRa usage than LoRaWAN. At best you could use it to make a point-to-point link to your friend’s house with another there. Here’s an existing mention of that issues: Waveshare Lora hat for Raspi to create node - how to? (the topic name is optimistic - it’s not a how to but an explanation of why you can’t)

Before investing in hardware that actually could work with TTN, you should put some though into what you actually need to communicate.

How small in bytes can you make the summary message, and how often will you need to send it? Can you keep it to say, 11 bytes (or even better less) sent perhaps hourly? Then it could you be a good fit. If you need a larger message or more frequent sending, then it’s going to take more careful consideration if this is a really a match - there are collections of details where it could be, and others where it probably wouldn’t be.

Also keep in mind that the TTN servers aren’t going to send you an email - you’ll need your own / another online data platform to collect the results from them and generate these notifications.

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hmm damn :frowning:

ok i will send it back. i want use the popular open ttn.

i guess i can make somethink like an sha1 should be 20bytes. i dont know yet if there is anything else suitable for me.

its enough to send this 1 or 2 times a day.

yea i will forwad to an webserver and decrypt the payload / send the email.

what kind of hardware can i use?

is it possible to read data from my local server (nas, iobroker, mqtt) and send this to ttn twice a day?

it would be great if its use rj45 instead of wireless.

thank you for your answer