Re-join network without pinning a sensor dragino LHT-52

Hello! I have about 100 temp sensors (dragino LHT52) installed in the building and dragino LPS8v2 gateway. Then messages are sent to the Pi where the statistics calculated to help controll the boiler in the building. Recently the gateway went down but I was able to bring it back just by power cycling. But what if that happens when there is no one to reboot the gateway or it will not come back online? I was thinking about installing a second gateway with same settings so the sensors join network on both gateways. And in my lab environment when I pin a sensor it joins the network on both gateways, but only one gateway receives the messages. I unplugged the one that was receiving messages hoping sensor would auto re-join the other gateway by itself, but it didn’t happen. Only after I pin the sensor it rejoins the network. In my real world scenario re-pinning sensors is impossible since they all installed in different apartments. Can someone advise how to re-join the network without pinning the sensor? Or there is a better way to approach this problem altogether? Thank you.

Your nodes don’t join a gateway, they join the network.

So if both your gateways are connected to the network and one goes down, your nodes wil use the other one, as long as the RF parameters are similar. Otherwise it will take some time, but it will eventually use the othe gateway.

Are you using TTN Community network? If so, please contact TTI for a commercial deployment as the community network is not for larger scale commercial use.

In TTN and the commercial TTI deployments you can not pin a sensor to a gateway. Are you using a network server located on the gateway itself? If so you need to migrate to a gateway independent network server for instance a commercial TTI one.

Hi there,
Is your gateway configured to use TTN as your network server, or are you using the built-in LoRa server on the LPS8v2 gateway? Your initial post sounds like you might be using the built in LoRa server - which people on here probably can’t help you with - try Dragino support.
If you have set your gateway up to use TTN (and added it to the TTN console) then I think you’ve misunderstood how it works, because you do not “pin” devices to a gateway: any gateway on the TTN network server within range of your sensors will forward your sensors data to the TTN network server. You can increase coverage / resilience by registering more gateways to TTN - you don’t need to tell each gateway about each sensor.

Thanks all for your responses. My gateway is not using the TTN network server but the a built-in LoRa server.

Well that explains your problem, you node joins the server on the gateway, the other gateway server know nothing about this join.

The discussions on here are about TTN, this I will say is off topic.

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This is indeed totally off topic as it does not relate to the use of TTN.

I’d note that the OP needs to learn LoRaWAN fundamentals as what devices join to is pretty core to the setup.