Recap of the community get-together hosted at The Things Conference - Smart Facilities & Compliance

Breakout session hosted by @jpmeijers, @gonzalo and myself

The new Public Community Network is not one network, instead it is a collection of different LoRaWAN networks which include:

  • The Things Stack Community Edition (aka TTN V3), operated by The Things Industries
  • Commercial The Things Stack deployments which allow for exchanging data
  • Open Source deployments, based on The Things Stack (if Packet Broker access is configured)
  • Independent third parties which are connected to Packet Broker (based on The Things Stack, or other types of Network Servers).
    • This is the model which ONIA is considering. Their incentive for running a network themselves:
      • Legal reasons - control over where the data flows
      • Ownership - the network is owned and operated by people in Switzerland
      • Independence - ONIA will keep full control without being dependent on The Things Industries

Anyone is able to join the public network by connecting their network to Packet Broker. The only thing you need is a NetID. LoRa Alliance members get a NetID block assigned from the Alliance, non-members can license a sub-block from The Things Industries.

Migrating to The Things Stack
With the latest V3.12 update, it is possible to migrate devices to The Things Stack using their existing session. This, however, is not recommended because:

  • You cannot make use of Packet Broker
    Why? Because devices on TTN V2 have a difference NetID than devices on The Things Stack, thus Packet Broker cannot know that the data of devices need to be sent to The Things Stack.
  • Device may become unreachable via downlink
    Why? Because devices on TTN V2 have an RX1 window of 1 second, The Things Stack uses 5 seconds. The Things Stack might not be fast enough to send downlinks in time

To get more information on migration, see: Migrating to The Things Stack | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

Join The Things Stack Conference on May 28 to learn more about migration - link: The Things Conference - The Things Stack | Hopin

When to start migrating your gateways & devices?
Start migrating your devices sooner rather than later.

On May 28, we got The Things Stack Conference. On June 1st, TTN V2 becomes read-only. This will define the end of the V2 era and the start of The Things Stack.

You can wait a little longer to migrate your gateways, suggesting to migrate the gateways in Q3. Make sure to discuss this migration process with your local community.

TTN V2 is expected to go offline at the end of 2021.

Simplifying The Things Stack
One of the benefits of using The Things Network is that it’s really easy to get started with LoRaWAN. There have been some ideas on how to simplify the interface of The Things Stack. Please share your thoughts in this thread.

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Thanks for posting - issues with accesssing conference + other work meant I could not join intended sessions so busy playing catch up on You Tube :slight_smile:

Is there a summary of what V2 RO means? - Access and recover/read GW/App/Device configuration info? Traffic passing only? No new GW’s? No new Apps? No new Devices? No new Integrations for existing device/application estate? No anything? What if a user is underway with deploying a fleet/estate of devices under a pre existing application can that continue (with obvious need for follow on migration) or is that a hard stop? Some (me included) are partially dependent on some missing V3 intgerations - any update available for pending integrations and timelines? (re-assurance for people to quickly migrate where applicable), in current pandemic and lock downs wrt travel to gw’s and devices (and frankly in some cases host sites unwillingness to allow short term access, other than in an emergency, even where not legally constrained by government edict) June 1 seems scarily close…esp as just days after associated conf session!

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Thanks Laurens,
Really glad you could include a community session in the conference. It was good to hear different points of view. The support for TTN is strong, everybody there wanted to see it flourish :smiley:

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Thanks Laures… was this session recorded?

The video has just been added to our YouTube, have a look at the video via the link below: