Registered device is not active

I registered my WisGate Gateway on TTN and start sending the data from my own developed device. I can see the data coming on the live traffic from the GW, but when i’m trying to add the device in Application is results Inactive. What could be wrong? i can see the same data coming from the sensor using my deployment of Chirpstack Network server, but can’t register device on TTN. Could someone suggest any steps to verify?

The ‘same’ data? A device should (read as can) only be registered to one network server…if it is registered under CS then it will naturally appear under CS and with CS Dev Addr etc. Your GW

As LoRaWAN is a broadcast tecnology where all GW’s in range ‘hear’ the traffic )devices join networks - not GW’s! this is not like WiFi…)…your TTN GW will forward any messages it sees to the TTN NS where it will then be dropped as it is an alien device not recognised under TTN. Suggest you delete from CS instead and ensure correctly registered under TTN then power cycle the device and it should join (assuming you are using OTAA) TTN where you should then see traffic…

I deleted the device from the CS server and restarted it. Actually i use the ABP connection… is it a problem? i can see what it is disabled to switch to ABP on the TTN console… is it possible to enable, i’m not sure how to change code on the devie to change it to the OTAA. And obviously the device is still inactive.


How come if you developed? What is this mystery device, what code base, what LoRaWAN Stack used? Perhaps we can then point you to where in the code to look…ABP or OTAA is usually an explicit declaration in most stacks and configs…

Alternatively delete device in TTN Device Console and re-register as ABP… if currently registered as OTAA

sorry, i was wrong… i deleted it from TTN and recreating there was an option to choose what kind of join request can be used. So now i can see the live data! there are some errors, so i’m not sure everything work perfectly. Failed to process MAC command. MAC state is corrupted: Channel is unknown.
the device is RPi Pico with the SX1262 shield. The code is in C.

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