Restriction of post on new accounts?


I’d like to open a discussion about the rule setup in that forum that prevents you to post anything into it when you create a new account on TTN website ! Unless I had visited the forum (while logged with my TTN account) to search for infos about Lora, how to setup gateways,etc I was unable to post anything into it ! I find it very frustrating when you try to get your hands on Lora and understand it. I understand also it might be a way to reduce noise and force people to look for existing posts before posting (double posts, redundant ones) but wouldn’t it be possible to make that rule less enforced allowing to post in some sections only at first ? or get a special beginner section perhaps ?

Thanks for your feedback and points of views :wink:



this rule is implemented for ‘hit and run’ users… people who don’t read or search for anything on this board but want to post direct a question and demand a fast answer… we are volunteers and this is not a juxebox or a private helpdesk.

So., we prefer you read a bit first before asking questions

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I fully understand but might be better with less read needed before getting authorisation to post :wink:

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I would like to know exactly how many post I have to read to be able to post anywhere in the forum. :smile:



Even the moderators don’t know, but apparently, more than this:


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I’ve been reading here but it does not specify anything about this :frowning:

Anyway I think now I’ve earned “basic” achievement, so I think now I should be able to post, hehe, thank you :slight_smile:


That’s correct and I agree that information should be easily available (in FAQ or elsewhere) for clarity.


I cannot post myself, even one topic (I got an issue with my dragino lps8 gateway and can’t correctly connect to TTN network) … and the rules given by discobot (described here aren’t the ones of this forum.

So I will wait and find another solution (by contacting directly Dragino and TTN). The worst part is I will not be able to share the solution with you either …

Have a good day

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Welcome @koraze!

Erm, you just have …

But yeah, you can’t start a topic, but it’s likely there is are a number of topics to read and, if appropriate, add to.

First will work, although their documentation is well formed so that’s well worth reading, the second, this forum is TTN, there is no other support for TTN.

This is a technology that covers servers, micro controllers, radio, antennas, power, legalities, loads of maths, integrations, multiple programming languages, databases and so on. Mostly people over estimate the number of moving parts to get going, the speed with which they can absorb the information and the likelihood that their situation is unique.

Have you read the doc’s for the LPS8? Have you read ALL the learning materials and docs for TTN?

You should also consider, after saying sayonara to this community, none of whom have chosen to give you the cold shoulder, you are very likely to have questions further down the line, but you can still be assured of a warm welcome.

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That is because you barely spent any time on this forum. To prevent the forum being flooded with spam messages new users are required to spend some time on the forum.

Btw you haven’t met the level 1 criteria as listed in the blog you refer to.

Hi @descartes

I read ALL ! In fact, I did a lot of researches on Heltec LoRa32, LSP8, TTN, and CHIRPSTACK during two weeks before trying your forum. After contacting Dragino, it seems the trouble comes from my internet service provider …

Don’t worry, I understand why you got such rules. Even if I quite sad, I respect that, so I didn’t fully explain my issue here, I just wanted to share my opinion. In fact, because this topic is quite old, I didn’t even expect an answer.

Thanks to your nice message and your warm welcome. See you next time (maybe) :slightly_smiling_face:

The bloc says new users (level 0) cannot post more than 3 topics @kersing or I cannot post any topics for the moment …

But it’s okey, the Dragino answer was quick and partially help me to find a solution. My service provider do not allows pings to public IP, which seems to be a big trouble for my Lps8 dragino gateway and this seems to be why TTN services only received half of my end nodes messages.

Have a good day

Are you saying that that research and reading over 2 weeks was posts on the forum or was that research elsewhere - assume so gven ref to Chirpstak - not TTN supported - as you need to spend time on the reading on the TTN forum before being allowed to post per @kersing. The moderators can validate how long a user has been active and escalate privaleges where appropriate. But if you weren’t an active user of the forum that explains the limits. Even so glad to hear you have resolved. ISP’s can often be the problem - sometimes not just blocking specific functions (Ping in your case) but often access to specific ports needed for correct TTN or indeed wider LoRaWAN operation - typically port 1700 etc… Either way welcome to the forum…now you are ‘in’ you should find it a valuable resource with many willing to help - provided you demonstrate you have read widely and used Forum search (top right box on this page) before posting issues or questions that have been answered many time before :wink: Enjoy!

I misspoke, my 2 weeks researches included this forum. I read about 10 of your topics (I wasn’t connected for half of them) and some really help me for setting my LoRa environment :wink:

It was juste after quite time I noticed an issue : about half of the lora uplink messages (sent by end nodes) were missing

  • First I thought it was normal,
  • Then, I started some researches on end nodes (I thought the issue was my LoRaWAN library)
  • After I notice the problem was still here watever the LoRaWAN network I use (TTN of CHIRPSTACK)
  • So I looking for some issues in my Gateway
  • And finally the problem was from my ISP :confused:

Now I can make topics, so I will just share my experience (about my issue and other things) with you guys when I will have some time ! :wink:

:+1:Thats how the forum, and the community grows… look forward to reading what you found :slight_smile:

I can’t post either, and I do not really want with this login here…
I just want my old login back where it says I need to validate my email address and I never get an email. password reset would not work either. but what worked is to create a new account.

I am frustrated because I have two gateways set up in my other account and can’t even ask anyone for help to unlock my old account…

@laurens sounds like there are issues with account recovery. Can anyone look into this? (Probably after next weeks conference as you’ll all be busy right now I guess)

Thanks @kersing
I hope I will get back my account soon :slight_smile:

Good luck with that, TTN is non existent (never answer emails sent to them…

TTN is providing a free service to a the community that requires significant resources. They are busy running the commercial operation thar funds the community resources.
And how many (mail) messages a day do you think 131 thousand+ TTN user can generate? That’s why there is a community forum where the community can support itself.

The account should be resolved, however with next week’s conference they pretty flat out on preparations.

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