Restriction of post on new accounts?

I’m not fully ok with your statement because even for questions regarding websites that can’t be handled by community you never get any responses so for me sorry to say but it looks more like a company only dedicated at commercial operation and community is on its own !

The ONLY reason this community exists is because TTI take some of the profits they make and put them in to running the TTN network & application servers and all the ancillary activities that are required to support this.

The v2 stack & infrastructure is getting old and, yes, some support issues take time to resolve and one of the best ways to get the more pressing situations sorted is to communicate kindly on this forum and we can direct you to other ways such as Slack if it requires some back end work to be done by TTI or a moderator may be able to draw the issue to the attention of an appropriate staff member.

If you have some unfulfilled support issues, please search for an appropriate topic or start a new one. But please don’t be the ungrateful guest when the host is being so generous.


And in return, TTI get a worldwide demonstrator network that proves that the technology works, it promotes the technology, and establishes them as a market leader.

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Is there any chance I can get in touch with someone who can fix my login problem with my original account? Otherwise I am forced to throw my gateways into the trashbin, right?
Or perhaps there is a way to re-register them in another account?
Please help and give advise.

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 can you help?

So the issue is that email reset is not working?

Yes, details here: Restriction of post on new accounts? - #19 by lorawanbackup

Hi @ all with an interest in this subject !

Being an newbie myself I have had a super frustrating experience myself with this protective restriction. I can appreciate that Mods are concerned re time spend on spam removal etc BUT it almost feels as if this is to keep ppl away from the forum. The general attitude presented to me by reactions to my 1st question I asked was very kind and helpful but I felt an underlying “RTFM” attitude. Its a hobby among many others for me, its not realistic to expect ppl new to LoRa and/or TTN to dive deep in theory, ppl want to make stuff and see success, not frustration and failure.

Just my thoughts…
Jan P.

Thank you for your feedback.

It seems reading some documents and/or watching a one hour YouTube session on the technology is unrealistic. What is limit we need to keep in mind (in what amount of time should we assume people can spend to learn the basics)?
I assume we can agree people need some basic knowledge when starting with a new technology? I mean I can’t expect to buy random WAN equipment and be able to connect it and use it for a random use case without having at least basic knowledge about what is available and what it does, or can I?

I would use 3D printing as an example here, if that was left where it was 5 years back it would be pretty much the same experience as I have here. That has evolved to where the user was given the possibility to have reasonably good success without having to read heavily into it. But all of that needs people, and people (like me) get frustrated with simple stuff like this restriction.

Jan P.

After I clear the cookies for, I get this if I login.
The page “AWAITING EMAIL VALIDATION” comes up for a fraction of a second.
The GIF animation is in realtime speed. This happens on every browser on several windows 10 machines and on one ubuntu system I have.
Even if I am able to keep that VALIDATION page up, when clicking on “Request another one”, no email will ever arrive. Not in quarantine, not in spam.
Remember that I did make a new account called “lorawanbackup” and this one works perfectly.

PLEASE, can I have my account “lorawan at inthenet dot ch” with the two registred gateways back???



PLEASE, can I have my account “lorawan at inthenet dot ch” with the two registered gateways back???

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Can you change the EUI of the gateways - if so, probably far simpler to do that and re-register them than hope against hope that someone from TTI reads these and is actually able to change the things needed to give you access.

How do you even make a post?

@laurens @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 Can you help this user?

Very meta!

You just did!

In lack of a better opportunity I write my question here totally off-topic.

I just joined the TTN-user-forum,
I confirmed registration
I earned a first batch “reading the guide-lines”

But still I can’t find a post a new thread button?
Does this require to registrate some device?
What If I have questions about registering a device?

So what’s wrong here? What do I have to do to be able to post my own questions?
best regards Stefan

Spend more time reading existing content on the forum. 7 minutes total time spend on the forum does not qualify. And hijacking an unrelated topic is not done. There are existing topics regarding your question so I moved it there.

I second the idea … new member here … certainly willing to play by the rules … but it would be extremely useful to have the privileges of a given user be displayed upfront …and a direct link giving some guidance as to what is expected from the new member …
I came here to experiment with Lora devices and TTN … I have searched for the specific key-word I am interested in (LW004-CT) but didnt find anything that I could start from (if I am even allowed to do so) … I am not interested in googling around “what cant i post on ttn community forum” …

The device appears in the Things hardware list/repository, note for ref 3rd item on google after manufacturer and a market place listing, and a search using the maker name -Moko on Forum shows several related threads for the LW004 both -CT & PB versions, as far back as January… but I see you have now been able to start own thread on this device…once you can post to existing thread you are close to starting your own…by then system has greater confidence you are not a spammer! Sorry about the process but this, and user patience, is sadly needed these days given the volume of abusive users and spammers we see, there is not enough volunteer time to keep site safe and clean if we open the flood gates. I know we live in an age of instant gratification but… :slight_smile: