Rollout of Basic Station 2.0.4 for TTIGs

Rollout of Basic Station 2.0.4

Since our beta test of the new firmware was successful, we’re going to rollout the new firmware in batches of 500-1000 a day.

No action is needed from your side. If your gateway is part of a batch, it will fetch the new firmware as part of a power-cycle or a daily CUPS request.

The range of EUIs chosen is based on internal lists (batches) and so from a user’s perspective this would be random i.e., we don’t sequently go from EUI#1 and so on…

We will continue to monitor gateway metrics to make sure that this is smoothly done.


The new firmware comes with the following;

  • WebSocket pong; to keep connections alive for gateways with low traffic
  • CUPS Host Header; needed to connect to TTS CUPS servers
  • LNS backoff strategy; improves gateway reconnection.
  • Many other bug fixes.

The detailed Changelog can be found in the LoRa Basics Station repository.

Please note that TTIGs are currently running 2.0.0 so all changes in the log are relevant.

Thanks to @bluejedi for asking me to add this section.


Please use this thread only for issues you face due to the firmware update. There are enough other threads on general TTIG connectivity/performance.