Round the World Automated Boat

Ah yes, I guess I was a little over excited at the thought!! :dizzy_face:

You are right, after some research it seems that the AIS trackers I have looked at charge to update their position via satellite. Sill might be worth considering though.


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I believe that the satellite reception of AIS was effectively a hack (not the original intention, but satellites can hear it so it grew from localised to global). Which is pretty cool. There are net-tracking AIS receivers that would seem to be appropriate (cheap, waterpoof) for your purposes (random example, not an endorsement) – hopefully strong enough for the satellites to detect.

In an attempt to stay on topic for TTN: A LoRAWAN device would/should use a GPS location to switch bands, although I don’t know if there’s a dataset for that. There are not (m?)any stacks that can do simultaneous bands (without recompiling), but I’ve been working on it in the background and while it crashes for OTAA (some state somewhere…it’s hard) it’s working for ABP reliably. Can share, I need to get it into a state I can submit a github pull request but fixing OTAA seemed important :slight_smile:

While I’m here, check out the r/autonomousboats subreddit. I’ve been collecting interesting stuff there on this topic, please add whatever you find.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all that really useful information, I really appreciate you taking the time to post. I shall investigate the links you have posted, particularly the Reddit forum as there seems to be a lot of useful information there. I’ll be certain to contribute any useful info on my travels!

I hadn’t even considered the need for switching bands for the location - in my ignorance I just assumed it would do as you said and broadcast and receive on both at the same time. I appreciate the heads up. I’ll add that to my list of issues!

Thanks again for your time.