RPI with dragino HAT Gateway Status Connected but not able to see the data stream in traffic view


I am new to Lora and Using RPI3 B+ with Dragino LORA/GPS HAT 1.4 , I am currently facing an issue is seeing the data pushed to server under traffic view

Gateway location - gothenburg ,sweden
image001 (1)

I have attched the global_json file to know the configuration, I am running the service "dual_chan_pkt_fwd"global_conf.json (879 Bytes)

The Lora Node device I am using to send Lora packets is , same RPI3 B+ with Lora/GPS HAT, running only as LORA node not as LORA WAN

Unfortunately this is unable to function as a proper LoRaWAN gateway. Many previous threads explain how single (or dual) channel devices pretending to be gateways are harmful to the network, so it’s become the policy of the forum not to support such efforts.