Rspi and RN2483 gateway a single channel

Hi guys, i use a rn2483 mount a private lora network. I think use a rn2483 and arduino nano to end devices and raspberry and rn2483 to gateway.
the question is, this system is feasible use?

There was a time long ago, when single channel LoRa devices were allegadly used as gateways, but they have long since not be supported on TTN.

If you could use a RN2483 for some form of private setup\Gateway is not really a subject for this TTN forum.

Thanks but i thing create a lora network and use rsp the gateway to TTN. The node RN2483 send data to netwoerk LoRa and RN2483 receive this data and send to rsp.
I read the people use a sx13xx to gateway to TTN.
Thanks very much.

Can you explain in more detail what you are planning ?

That is only possible with LoRa point to point connections which are not LoRaWAN or TTN.

The rn2483 is not suitable to use for a gateway device. Only sx130x combined with two sx125x chips will make a LoRaWAN gateway.

trasnmit data two node to one master, i thing use 3 rn2483 and raspberry. The LoRa master mount by software in one single channel.

If that works for you as a LoRa to LoRa scheme, that’s fine, but is off-topic / not for discussion on this TTN LoRaWAN forum.

Thanks i read people mount a single channel network here. I thought there was someone on this forum who had worked on this

There are no single channel networks - almost all regions require 8 channels to operate a LoRaWAN network.