School project (basic)

I’m not asking for you to do my work for me, I just am asking for advice on what Sensor I could use or buy for the use case that my group thought of, it’s for a school project (and no, teachers will not help because they don’t know anything about this).

We have the idea to implement a sensor as a test case locally that measures the fluid and/or powder (coffee grounds and milk powder for example) levels in a tank.
We have found one sensor that might fit the bill for this project, the PLS2-L sensor.

Or another way we thought of is to process the selection of items to calculate how many times something was taken and give out a notification once something is empty.
For this case, we haven’t pinpointed a sensor yet.

If you have any other idea than a PLS2-L sensor or advice for it, please let me know.

What we do need is that the data that comes from it, is stored not on a network server of the company that fabricated it but that it can be transferred to say a database or server after modifying the output for the data that we need.

Also, we need to be able to connect to it from a laptop or computer (not sure if all devices allow that).

I thank you in advance for thinking with me, and if this is in the wrong category or if it’s too much too ask for then I’ll delete my post.

So why do you want to use LoRaWAN ?
I assume these tanks are in a building (school ?) and that you have internet, why not use wifi ?

I get your point, and thank you for responding.

For a test case that would suite perfectly, but for a better grade we were thinking of demonstrating that we can receive the data over LoRa as well. Or code in something that would be transferred over LoRa.

Point is that school wants to see that it can be done over LoRa as well, we thought of perhaps getting multiple datastreams and then redirect them to one point over LoRa.

But that’s maybe too farfetched for now, wifi does, like I said, suite this test as well. We just need to mention in our document the fact about the LoRa communication and the how it works with the device.

measuring powder (coffee / milk) can be done by weight sensors ( like it’s done over lorawan for beehives :wink: )

different sensors you can find here

How large is the tank, and which variability do you expect? I would use an ultrasonic distance sensor (like HC-SR04) put on the top of the tank, to measure the distance from the liquid/powder surface. Likely it does the same as PLS2-L, but your project will include developing an Arduino sketch too :wink:

The tank isn’t that large, I’d say max 20cm by 1m in height. And that sensor would be perfect for my case, just programming it or connecting it to Arduino/micro controller.

luckily there are many examples on how to do that.
before you arrive at the LoRaWAN part, be sure to read THIS on how this network works and the terminology.

success :love_you_gesture:

I thank you for the advice, sincerely.