Seeeduino LoRaWan /GPS (RHF76-052AM)

I used this board as an end device with my own gateway. I am trying now to get it connected through a gateway I found on a TTN map. As I cannot see any data coming through (it is just an “Hello World” for now), I was wondering whether there was any programme for end devices so they can tell (on a local screen for example) they are receiving a LoRa signal, even if the downlink signal is not for them.

So to clarify;

Does your own Gateway receive the packets from the Seeeduino board ?

Whis model of TTN Gateway do you have ?

It was not a TTN gateway. I mentionned it as a proof of the end device having correctly worked on a LoRa connection (following Seeeduino instructions for their LoRaWan kit).
Now I found an unknown gateway on a map of the network around my temporary location. I declared my end device on my TTN console.
As I don’t see any data coming through, either I did not configure the LoraWan connection the right way on my end device (as a noob with LoRaWan, I am not sure I need to technically know the gateway to get a connection to it), or I am out of range of the gateway in spite of being inside the drawn circle on the map (or both reasons together). I even don’t know whether that gateway is really active.