Seeking a thermostat for multi-tenant projects

Trying to source a LoRaWAN enabled thermostat for multi-tenant building projects. Bonus if it includes a humidity sensor. Willing to collaborate!

Sounds like a Craig’s list post :smiley:

Where in the world are you?

Strike that, you’ve filled in your location in the profile!

How many do you need? How long does the battery have to last? How do you want them provisioned (keys etc)? Do you have gateways? Do you have the monitoring infrastructure / software / database / dashboard?

Is LoraWan really the right fit for controlling heating systems?

Themostat or thermometer (can be big cost/complexity difference!) - e.g. need local/remote control + setting feedback (dial/display/buttons etc.) or just report value and monitor and take action via e.g an app/dashboard with control mechanism independant of LoRaWAN based reporting (ITTT?) etc.

Thank you for the great questions!

  • The LoraWAN side will provide telemetry data only, not control
  • A thermostat provides the cycle signals, a less elegant approach perhaps is a thermometer with digital inputs connected to a thermostat’s control wiring
  • We don’t have gateways yet
  • We have the system for data IP IoT ingestion, historian, analytics, dashboard
  • Battery expectations 3+ years, but in some cases we may have access to DC
  • 1000+
  • Flexible on the deployment and security model

For commercial specific ideas or questions please PM me.

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What is the type of the heating system?

For radiators and HT sensors, take a look at: