Send local gateway data as payload to TTN

We are attempting to send the gateway’s temperature, battery voltage, and a few other “sensor” style data via as LoRaWAN payload to the TTN network and preferable have it show up as a device.

Is that possible without adding a 2nd LoRa radio module to the gateway, just to have it send to it’s self.

We are using the Semtech Packet Forwarder.

Can you do it, yes with additional software. Should you do it, no. TTN is meant to handle LoRaWAN data packets, not other IoT traffic. TTN is not an end point anyway so why not send the information directly to the real end point where it can be processed.

If you decide to use a second radio module (making the gateway also a node) then make sure to place the antenna for that part at least 3 meters away from the main antenna as it will otherwise have huge impact on the performance of the gateway.


I’d agree that generally you shouldn’t send this gateway metadata via TTN.

A “real” gateway deployment should include a remote management solution anyway, and that’s probably a better place for your monitoring feed. Especially as you have a chance of using an independent feed of information to get an idea of the nature of the failure, if you stop getting any node data through TTN servers (ie, the servers might be the problem).

If you really wanted to make the gateway be a node, rather than messing around with a second radio you could just calculate a packet as if it had come from a send-only ABP node (at a fast spreading factor and moderate power) and inject it into the backhaul scheme. Arguably slightly abusive, but in no practical sense any moreso then having the box send data to itself by radio. In any practical sense, less abusive as it won’t consume any shared radio-related capacity. (If you were going to use a radio chip, have it feed a 50 ohm resistor instead of an antenna)

But you’re probably not going to find much willingness to help with doing this, as it looks too much like (and practically helps with) the misguided question posted about every other month of “how can I make the output of my Ethernet connected sensors look like it came from LoRaWAN nodes” and we definitely do not want people doing that.

So, report your gateway status through an independent channel, probably connected to whatever you chose to use for remote administration.