Setting up network with Dragino LG308N and HackRF SDR

Hello everyone!

I’m planning on setting up a small network that will receive radio waves and transmit them through my Lorawan Gateway to the TTN network. Specifically, I’ll be using the Dragino LG308N-868 as the gateway and the HackRF One as the SDR. However, I’m relatively new to this and would love some tips or advice from those who have already worked with the HackRF One . Does the HackRF need to be installed as a sensor on my gateway, and if so, where can I find the necessary information?

Has anyone had any experience with this particular setup or could point me to a helpful guide? I would appreciate any input or advice on how to proceed.

Thank you in advance for your help!

More details needed here, not at all clear what you are trying to do.

The amount of real world data you can send through TTN is really quite small, its not designed for streaming type applications.

The HackRF receives signals from an RFID tag. However, I’m still very new to TTN and the setup involved. What exactly is the role of the HackRF? Should it be viewed as a sensor for my gateway? The gateway is already active.

Where did you get information that a HackRF may have any role with LoRaWAN as a normal device?

Devices use a LoRa radio with firmware that formats transmissions in the LoRaWAN format. Emulating the LoRa chirps with a HackRF may be possible but would be the work of insanity, it’s not trivial at all and so much simpler to use a £/$/€5 radio chip.

I’d strongly recommend that you go and read the basics - the Learn link top right of this page will give you all you need to know to get going - but the most important thing is that you think in terms of getting a standard LoRaWAN device - either an off the shelf one or something you can code with a LoRaWAN stack. Once you’ve read the Learn section you can use forum search to find DIY devices.

I own a HackRf One and several LoRaWAN-gateways. But this are totally different devices, the HackRf can’t even be used to receive or transmit LoRaWAN -signals. It doesn’t have the necessary chipset.
But you can connect the output of a RF-ID reader to a node and receive the signal of the node with a gateway. This gateway sends the received LoRaWAN -signals to TTN.
If you already own a gateway, install it and connect it to TTN. Buy a simple node with a digital input and connect it to the RF-ID reader. Take care of the FUP.

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Thank you so much for sharing your valuable tips with me. It may seem like a detour, but I am now planning to convert the incoming signals from my HackRF into LoRa-capable signals between GRC and the Arduino IDE and use a USB/serial port connection to send these signals to my LoRa-capable NodeMCU ESP32. From there, it will be a classic connection between the ESP, the LoRa gateway, and TTN.