Sibenik Croatia

Hi everybody.
Just searching for Croatian members here :wink:

Sibenik area is getting covered with signal that was bought by city itself for public use!


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mine, yes :smiley:

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So last year I went on vacation to Sibenik. I thought it would be cool to bring my lora node with me in the car, and plot all the gateways I could reach while driving from the Netherlands to Sibenik. It worked like a charm! (for like 30km). I was wondering why it didn’t work and once I got to Sibenik (like 40 hours later) I discovered that the antenna got disconnected 30km away from my home…

RIP lora node…

auch … burned transciver?
You wouldn’t’ve found anything. I made network this year… it’s running perfectly and whole city is covered :slight_smile: City itself bought equipment for me :slight_smile: