SImple solution for displaying data on a dashboard

(Paul Stewart) #1

Hi All,

completely new to LoRa and TTN.

I have registered several gateways on TTN and have nodes talking to them no problems and showing data in my console in the application.

I need to get that data from the node to a dashboard in the simplest possible way.

By simple I mean can I use any of the built in integrations to send to a dashboard and are there tutorials available on how to do so?

I have managed to get Cayenne working but would rather Thingspeak or another nice dashboard but can't get the HTTP integration working with Thingspeak API's, just can't find other examples on how to do it.


(Xenek) #2

Just in case it helps, I push all TTN data into Node Red. When I make a dashboard, I'll be searching for 'node red dashboard'.

Cheers X

(Hylke Visser) #3

You’re probably looking for something like Cayenne. See our workshop here: Things Network/

(D Birkhead) #4

Not to take confidence away from your ‘workshop’ but that’s now a dead link.


thank you for reporting !!! :sunglasses: - links get broken sometimes

if you are interested in Cayenne I suggest use search

(Hylke Visser) #6

Looks like @laurens moved the files around a bit. I fixed the link.