Single channel gateway connected with SIM800L module to Internet

Did any of you connected single channel gateways with GSM module to Internet? Do you have some schematics and code?

I want to make that if my board (ESP32, ESP8266) doesn’t have WiFi connection, turns on GSM module (SIM800L), and than uses that connection to server.

Thanks :smile:

to start experimenting you need a sim card … preferable one with only data.

and be carefull which module you use… take one with a 5v connection because the very cheap ones don’t have an onboard regulator, and the chip itself wants between 3.8 - 4.4 volt… if you put 5 volts on it… it never talks again

another point is ’ when you cycle power’ you have to enter you PIN code again, So use a tool and remove the pincode from the sim card.
You can do that, and test all network function with this tool, it will recognize the 800L

I could never get the 800L do what I want :roll_eyes: (mqtt over gprs , only sending some SMS) also the network operator blocked sometimes. not recognizing ‘the phone’… spent many hours and finally bought a commercial product :sunglasses:

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