Single-channel operation of LoRaMAC with Dragino LG01-N

I am midway through porting Semtech’s LoRaMac code to a new platform (using Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 Bluetooth processor). The ping-pong application works and I have moved to LoRaMac ClassA, which builds and runs on the hardware.

At present the only gateway available to me is the Dragino LG01-N, which is limited. (I have a full-function gateway on order). The gateway appears to connect to TTN. My node does not seem to be talking to the gateway. It transpires that the gateway only works with one channel at a time, and work-arounds are documented only for the LMIC library. The fix appears to be to change the end-node to use a single channel only, and perhaps also “enlarge RXtimeout”. Changes to the code are given:

Has anyone made the LoRaMAC code work with the Dragino LG01-N? I suspect I need to alter the Radioxxxxx.c file(s).

That product is not compliant for TTN use and Dragino say its “For Private LoRa rotocol, Not recommend for LoRaWAN use”

Rather hard for the TTN forum to offer advice on why an non-compliant product is not fuctioning as a proper TTN gateway.

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Please note that LoRaWAN devices or the TTN network servers cannot read the description you added. If your single-channel forwarder happens to receive traffic from TTN devices that would normally only be received by the other gateways (or TTN gateways that are not on the map), then you might very well be disturbing their operations. Remember this is long range radio.

From the post you quoted:

@LoRaTracker and @arjanvanb - I accept your advice that a single-channel approach is unwise. I am not planning to use it for any purpose beyond getting my hardware port working. At the moment it is the only gateway I have. A proper one is on order.

I only thought that someone might have solved the problem, to help my engineering work progress in the short term. (From what I can see, it seems this has been done for the Arduino/LMIC code).

They might well have done.

But remember this is a public forum, publishing ‘solutions’ to problems with disruptive hardware could encourage their use.


Unwise is a big understatement. Please read the post I linked to.

Hi, that’s interesting. Do you plan to make this available as open source?

Therefore single channel packet forwarders are NOT supported on the forum:
Single Channel Packet Forwarders (SCPF) are obsolete and not supported