Single Channel Packet Forwarder part 1 [Deprecated]

so sad!
it seems that the nodeMCU is to wide for the PCB.
could you please tell us the measurements of a fitting one?

10 breadboard steps, there seems to be 2 different clones, the cheapest one = 12 (the one on the picture labeled LoLin) and that one doesn’t fit :sunglasses:

22,5 mm :grinning:

Unfortunately i bought the wrong version as well …Now I have to wait another three weeks :cry:

I think this one will fit > 2016 New Version NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 WIFI Internet Development Board CH340

@BoRRoZ, @PH3V thanks for your measurements. I’ve also the wide ones, but no oshpark board yet.
in the meantime some other boards arrived topic

WeMos Lora RFM9x Gateway Shield ordered @ursm . :+1:

@torntrousers, I’m also in London, trying to get the single channel gateway and lmic 1.5 working.
Want to meet up to try to debug?

Sure ok, I’ll message you.
Can share my supadupa design for a gateway-in-a-bottle with ground plane antenna:


I like it. You wouldn’t happen to be a radio amateur perchance?

I’m based near the beginning of the M1 - Cricklewood. Where are you?


Quick question - does this single channel gateway code support OTAA nodes?

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Hi guys, a quick question:
I have a RasPi3 with Cooking Hacks Shield with RN2483.
I’ve come to understand that the making a gateway with RN2483 is not (yet?) possible.

If I order their SX1272 LoRa module, it would be possible to make a single channel gateway, yes?
Would the software mentioned in this thread also work?
Any attention points to look out for? SPI pins or something like that?

hey Chuck,

You are a life saver mate, I was struggling with wiring RFM95W to RPi3, since this morning.

No, a single channel gateway is not a gateway. It’s just a LoRa radio receiving messages on one channel.
With the sx1272/6 modules being used you will not be able to respond to any messages being received, so returning an ACK, a message or even OTAA is not possible.

Also remember that a node will do channel hunting and this gateway will only listen on one frequency with one Spreading Factor so it will miss a lot of messages being sent.

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Hi all,
I also built the single channel kindof gateway, but as in the picture of platenspeler it says Packets forwarded 0. Shouldn’t packets get forwarded?

Has anyone ever tried the Long distance wireless 433/868/915Mhz Lora and GPS Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi to build a single channel gateway?

Hi there,
I’m the author of the nodemcu lora gateway PCB but I didn’t tested it. Just curious, anyone succeeded to talk to the RFM module with it so I can update the readme?

By the way I created a new one for Wemos, may be cheaper, smaller, better.
Check out github repo for files.

Anyone can tell me where to find the ESP8266 code for RFM95 used for single channel GW ? I would like to try and adapt to this shield since I’ve got board mounted


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Looks great!
Any reason you didn’t test it? (probably too busy creating nice new boards ;-))

The code is at github (as mentioned a few pages above)

and I’m still waiting for the ‘small’ nodeMCU board, that fits on your PCB :sunglasses:

thanks, I’m kinda new on LoraWan, I’ll take a chance to test this code. I didn’t tested it because I’ve done it when I designed the RFM69 board that is working fine. I just changed the RFM footprtint for Lora but I don’t use them anymore because I prefer WeMos board that are smaller and much more reliable. you don’t have any idea on how many NodeMCU board I fried :joy:

@BoRRoZ, yeah sorry about that, I should mention on github page, I got a old NodeMCU that does not fit but I had it for years, I wasn’t aware that they still sell this one. It’s easy to see which one is good, just look text space when ordering. The good ones have pinout really close to ESP12 module (no enought place for text between ESP12 and pin header of the board)
The good ones (horizontal text between header and ESP module)

The bad ones (vertical text between header and ESP module)

new single channel gateway for Raspberry Pi is ready now :smile:




I build a SC GW this morning on a nodeMCU Gateway ver 1.2 board from a hallard board on OSH Park

Works fine… but some minor changes:

My Lat/Lon would over flow the clat, clon buffers below, so, I change the size from 8 to 12

char clat[12]={0};
char clon[12]={0};

#define _LAT 32.984709
#define _LON -117.178966

These I/O pin changes needed to be made:

// Note: nodeMCU LoRa Gateway board ver 1.2 has these settings
// SX1276 - ESP8266 connections

int ssPin = 2; // GPIO2, D4
int dio0 = 15; // GPIO15, D8
int RST = 0; // GPIO16, D0, not connected

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