Specific AppEUI on staging.thethingsnetwork.org

If you’ve got your own gateway, then peek in its logs (or even easier: see the gateway’s Traffic page in TTN Console) to see if it’s trying to do an OTAA Join when powering up. If not, then you’re out of luck as you cannot use a pre-programmed ABP DevAddr.

(As an aside: staging.thethingsnetwork.org should no longer be used, if it’s still operational to start with.)

Thanks for your helps, the seller forgot to put a paper with device’s credentials, so they send it by email and now all works perfectly.

Many thanks for your help.

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I was finally able to get a Ascoel Device CM868LRCB connected to TTN. The really provide a pre-configured AppKey and AppEui which has to be set in the TTN settings. It appears that the same for all Ascoel device AppEui doesn’t hurt.
There is a USB connector inside the device which gives you access to a serial console connection. There it is possible to change the AppEui and AppKey also to the TTN generated items. To do this you need to enter privileged user access and every device has different passwords which are normally provided with the device from the manufacture.

Closing this topic because it’s referring to a version of ttn that was discontinued more than a year ago.