Specific AppEUI on staging.thethingsnetwork.org

I want to create a new application on staging.thethingsnetwork.org with my own AppEUI, not with one of the pool owned by TTN, is it possible?

This is currently not possible, but we are doing our best to support this in the next version of the backend. In the meantime, just use the TTN-issued AppEUIs.

Am I correct that it is now possible to define the AppEUI yourself? Can we chose whatever we like, or should it be registered at ieeee.org?

I have the same problem.
My node from ascoel has a predefined AppEui.
Is it now possible to activate the node with a non-ttn-AppEui?

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Yes, now it is possible to add more AppEU, custom or auto generated.

I don’t know if two users can use the same AppEUI


I have the same problem.
My node is seen by my gateway, but messages(ack) are never sent to my App.
I suppose that every Ascoel node has the same AppEui.
I am able to receive message with an mDot (because I can setup the AppEui on it).
How can I setup my gateway or my app to be able to receive message from devices that cannot be programmed ?

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If you go to your application settings in the console, you can add the EUI under EUIs. If that doesn’t work for you, you could try using the ttnctl devices set command (doc).

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I already have tried to add the AppEui sent by my node, so I will try the ttn client.
Thanks for the quick answer, I will let you know if I found a solution.

Hi again,
I’m sorry but I am really unable to find out the problem.
Here two screen shots with my devices settings and the message that my gateway received.

If someone has any idea… I’m stuck on this since yesterday…

When APP and Devuce EUI match and the back-end does not recognize the OTAA request the App Key might be the issue. Did you program your device with the App Key in the correct format?

Hi, thank you for replying

I am not able to program my device, it’s a Magnetic sensor from Acoel.
I past a link to the device specification:

I was thinking to set an app key on my app (from my device), but I cannot find what my device is using to do its ACK…


have you got an instruction manual of this product?


I found this manual, but i haven’t found a solution in it…

I have also found it now… you are right is seems programmable through messages sent from the server but nowhere they talk about App EUI, Dev EUI or App Key very strange!


Hi Veldars,

can you show me where you purchased this module on the web?

Thank you

I purchased this module here:


thanks you for your interest

Hi Veldars, I contacted that company (they are 70km away from me) and from the first reply I suspect they are not happy about dealing with private customers. I’m now waiting for a reply and I hope with a solution to the mystery :slight_smile:


Many thanks for your implication

Here the reply from ascoel:

Generally, we provide the sensors and the reference keys so that you can then connect the sensors to a LoRa network.
We usually only sell to companies

Whoever sold you the product should have supplied it


Ok, thanks,
I will see with the company that sells me this sensor and I let you know if they have forgot to give me something.